Jennifer Beinhacker - Art Outside The Edge
vaccines coming in global covid 19 pandemic-is there enough time? is there hope?lost in the dark in the time of the covid 19 pandemic world wideworrying in the time of the covid 19 pandemic-when do i get it?in this time of the covid 19 pandemic are you worried? why not? i your part. masks and social distance. we  are all in this together in this time of covid 19reflectionblondie 53i cry for the lost souls in this time of covid 19 world wide pandemicwe need all the help we can get in this time of covid 19 pandemic world widetarot reading: what does the future hold in this time of crisisthe state of the unionlas senoritas perfectasles femmeswoman in a hatconfusionportrait in pinkpeeking behind the curtainla pieta 4-in his mother's armscertified for your protectionthe secret gardenthe birth of.........what lies beneaththe falleninto the abyssdefiancedialogues of the dead:17th dialogue-the severed handthe devilbehold, the risingbehind the maskicarus melting-global warming warningdia de los muertos 9-the cemetery visitdia de los muertos 8-immaculateburdenthe collectorthe many faces of....the lessonaddoloratithe swarmconfusionlooming over my shoulderparadise (in tulum)the truth flies out of her mouththe declinedia de los muertos-7the embracesuch stuff that dreams are made ofentwinedthe bridge betweenthe griffinfrenzybehold a red horsebedazzledle menu de details inspides: de la faim, de la fatigue, de la maladietwistedhiddendialogues of the dead-16th dialogue-cerberus and echidna guarding persephone against the underworlddialogues of the dead-12th dialoguedialogues of the dead-11th dialoguedialogues of the dead-10th dialoguedialogues of the dead-9th dialoguedialogues of the dead-8th dialoguesla pieta 3billboard series-4the ghost boyeating the godsdialogues of the dead-7th dialoguedialogues of the dead-15th dialoguethe queen of clubshydratake a walk on the wild sidehidingmerging...before and afterles secretsafrica series 9: making mud cloth: 1africa series 9: making mud cloth: 3africa series 9: making mud cloth 2burma 2la pieta-2eyeless in gazala danse macabreself portrait 1: masksself portrait 2: shedding my skinself portrait 3: i used to be three years old and sometimes i think i still amself portrait 4: changespastel 20: self portrait 5-is anyone out there?self portrait 6: flying highself portrait 7: don't let the demons get you downself portrait 8-through a glass darklyself portrait 10-hidingself portrait 11-lossself portrait 14-disappearingflightdialogues of the dead - first dialoguedialogues of the dead ... second dialoguedialogues of the dead - third dialoguedialogues of the dead: fourth dialoguedialogues of the dead-5th dialogue : the visitdialogues of the dead-13th dialoguedialogues of the dead-14th dialoguejewel in the crownhelena series 3: beneath the veilroad to shivai think i'm living in a dreamthere is an angel on my shoulderpunk angelhelena series 2: the birth of buddhawhere do i get it?billboard series 3one person: 4one person:  2one person: 1one person: 3due pescehigarden partypathostribute to guslike their living counterparts ...belgian chocolateeden twistedchaos IIIchaos IV
individual works
although these works are unique to themselves, a cohesiveness is formed by distinct style, images, colors ...

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