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breaking the chain of the virus in this time of the covid 19 pandemic


breaking the chain of the virus in this time of the covid 19 pandemic

mixed media on wood: acrylic paint, water color paint, sharpie pen, collage paper, colored pencils

18" X 12"

jennifer beinhacker
art outside the edge


in this time of the covid 19 pandemic we are all chained together.
this is a global crisis.
we all must get vaccinated inorder to break the chain of this virus.
if the entire world does not get the vaccine and be vaccinated.....this pandemic will not end.
people of the world.....help each other...share the vaccine.....educate the frightened of the vaccine.....help return us to our lives again.
the fate of the world is in our hands.
do what is necessary before you get a vaccine......wear a mask....don't congregate.
save our planet......break the chain.


I love this one. Super. Really like this. The message is so important Keep safe, keep others safe. x
The artwork is great, too. The green machine monster reminds me of the comics from the 1970s, and the woman from the 1960s comics.
The hands at the front remind us that we're all in this together, the grey figure is a sad reflection of death and covid.
I like the painted background.