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Jennifer, the black plays an important role for this viewer. These eyes went straight to the central figures due to the use of the dominant yellow, then to the red and blue in the hands and then to the dark 'edges'.
This is a grabber!

this is powerful...it makes my heart hurt. the line is wonderful- so much movement. maybe that's what is grabbing me. it's like the turmoil/pain is moving all over and there is no end in sight. it's heavy.

Great work as usual Jennifer.

This is an amazing work. You have captured something here and it's really evocative.

Amazing artwork. Very impressive painting.Strong emotional & gorgeous creativity.

Again...beautiful and deep. great work . kisses .anto

very impressive artwork, like it a lot jennifer !

Inquietante e interesante.

" very beautiful and original".

Fantastic! Great image! I more and more like your work.

so colorful! i love what you do with hands in your work. such a vibrant piece !

de lo mejor de tu pintura jennifer

Y E S ! ! ! ! !

Strong expression !!!

Gorgeous image ! I love your work !

Great art !!!!


Expressive work of pure Art !!!

You are so creative & outrageous! I'll bet you never sleep--how could you create so many masterpieces??? You are living proof that women are men's equal(or more) when it comes to atr! I love all of your fantastic compositions! Collage-Nikov. Best wishes!

always love to look at your facsnating art jennifer!!!

Wonderful art, Jennifer...!

Marvelous Pieta. I like that it is so inclusive.

Great work Jennifer!! Happy day my friend! :o)


Wow, what a transformation. He's a modern man, albeit looking a little trans-gender or at least non-mainstream with his female-appearing mouth. One wonders how he died. Any conclusions the viewer might arrive at are projection and probably have no relation to the artist's intent. Life and death, after all, are a subjective experience.

Expressive. She carries him and he carries all those (memories) inside him...

Terrific work Jennifer, men like to think they are the stronger sex but there are a lot of times when we need a stronger women beside us.

A Pietà really original, congrats for your creativity Jennifer !
good evening !

Great work

Powerful beauty !!!

the peeking eyes of the two at the top...the mystery continues...

Emotional and full of deep feelings, Jennifer

Amazing painting!!

Un beau travail de peinture et de collage. Extraordinaire. Félicitations

Lovely artwork on wood Jennifer, such a creative painting and a fabulous presentation! Marvelous composition and colours too!

Had to come back to this one for another look; excellent "la pieta", approachable on so many levels (I find this true with most of your work). A sculptor friend of mine once did a pieta with rats. You have to just not worry about who you might offend - do it, and keep doing it. I know you know this :-)

Great harmony of colors here ! And I love your style - the combination of expressive and realistic style in some parts of picture ! I wish you great autumn day, my dear friend ! Hugs :-)

remarkable work

Wonderful work, Jennifer!

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la pieta-2
mixed media: on wood: acrylic paint, collaged paper, stamps