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dialogues of the dead-16th dialogue-cerberus and echidna guarding persephone against the underworld

mixed media on wood: acrylic paint, metallic paint, collaged paper, sharpie colored pens

18" X 12"

based on my travels in italy
caravaggio is my muse

jennifer beinhacker
art outside the edge


24 march-6 may 2017
1800 s. bell street
arlington, virginia


Love it!!

This is gorgeous Jennifer

Great , great ,great work again !! Have a good week , dear jennifer :))

Muito boa criatividade neste excelente trabalho!! Parabéns.


Dialogue of the dead shared in the sky ..! Admirable made ..! Good and sweet week.

Une image impressionnante !

un travail impressionnant et très particulier chère Jennifer !Belle journée ! kisses

Un trabajo magnífico ! Me gusta tu particular expresionismo !!!

Incredible work! Love the faces!


fantastic artwork Jennifer...really interesting dialogue

Fantastic work and subject. Have a lovely day...it's still very early in your part of the world :)

Well done Jennifer...

Powerful depiction of the legend

A very thought provoking piece, love the way you work. So different to most other artists:)

WOW!...Amazing artwork, Jennifer! Fabulous image!

Una maravilla de trabajo, saludos que tengas un buen dia

So very beautiful Have a great day, my friend!

this is wonderful piece dear Jennifer!!! love your style and the colors you use. Respect another beauty, Janwillem

blue-haired medusa and a traffic cop dawg...I LOVE this work

alien hybrids

terrific work

A fabulous artwork and so beautifully presented, Jennifer! Marvelous colour composition and wonderful creativity too, very well done!

A terrific concept beautifully realized. A picture that tells the story and is beautiful.

Ohh, faces, faces ... Cranach and others ... and the such a rich imagination of Jennifer :-)
Excellent art ! I love the motif of Persefona , but you make your unique "dialogues " ,
and they are more interesting ! Have a beautiful day, dear Jennifer ! Hugs ! :-)

another genial composition, many interpretations here !

Beau travail artistique. bravo l'artiste


Great painting ... amazing work ... a pleasure to see, Jennifer :) *****


Un beau travail de composition************Excellent traitement du thème. belle fin de semaine Jennifer !!

Back again ... nice to see this painting !!

Belle oeuvre,Jennifer. Rien n'exclut que dans le futur les croyances d'aujourd'hui soient à leur tour qualifiées de mythologies.

God job, Jennifer !

Interesting characters


That's a beauty to behold !! I wish you a happy evening.

Excellent work Jennifer

A fascinating blend of good and evil, anger and peace.
The extent of my art interpretation acumen could be written on the back of a postage stamp, with room to spare, but this sure works for me.

Nice work, Well done my friend.

So beautiful .... really a lovely capture, my friend! Have a nice evening.

Wonderful work Jennifer

Very artistic and creative

This looks amazing

so many separate images to view...runs the spectrum of emotion

What a great composition. I love the figures on black, and of course my fave. is Medusa. Whenever I see her lovely face I think of an old Ray Harryhausen movie Clash Of The Titans. Nice work!

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dialogues of the dead-16th dialogue-cerberus and echidna guarding persephone against the underworld