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I like this one, Jennifer. Good work!

This is great!!

Masterpiece! Amazing talent.

Very creative!!!

This is fantastic. Really surreal. Yes!

i like this one!

strong work.

Love this :)

amazing, as usual :)

everyone above already said what I wanted to say, so there is nothing else that I can add, except: "Bravo, Jennifer beinhacker!"

Great composition! I love it

My dear friend, this work if that I was impressed, perhaps because try a subject in which I feel very strongly about, and with your symbolism has synthesized the feelings of many... Congratulations my dear Jennifer, I start amazing in many fields, is a pleasure to see your pictures.

Nice work!

Hello! Jennifer-I like this one with the third eye and you and the another peoples pray and chant the holy names, great work!!! congratulations!!!I wish a good weekend for you,
hugs, jose tadeus

You are a very good worker my dear friend, you know what you want to do, your work are a full of symbolism, I play my congratulations. baci, baci Antonella

che originalità

Beautiful work. Well done!

The title is of great impact as the painting. Extraordinary!

Beautiful work!!!!

love this one! very jungian!

wonderful work!

Powerful work!

Wonderful picture. Love it.!! Lovely rich symbolism.

Marvelous Jennifer, just marvelous

Beautiful job!

My Friend, You are Strong!!! HUG to You!

A Speckled black curtain reveals a world of fantastic beings!!!!

jennifer, you're blowing my mind!!

The conversation is very interesting as I find the image very striking. I see the hand over the mouth as in"It never happened if you don't talk about it" and the triangle with the eye as in money and selling of women's bodies maybe. I could look for a long time as it seems to have much to say to me, Best Regards, Lisa

Very interesting picture! Like it

fantastic art!

Amazing work Jennifer!

superb art

Love it

Wonderful and give me (as always) a lot of emotions and thoughts ! Have a great day, dear Jennifer !

Gracious Jennifer this one has gleaned some differing ideas or was that your intention?
Another masterpiece full of colour and emotions .

jenniferbeinhacker.com “self taught” “acrylic painting “”acrylic paint” “folk art” “mixed media” assemblage collage “water color paint” women men children faces hands dolls surrealism expressionism “visionary art” “primitive art” “deviant art” “folk art”
eyeless in gaza
mixed media: acrylic on wood, collaged paper, stamps
22" L x 14" H