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i stand with ukraine

i stand with ukraine

painting on wood: acrylic paint, metallic paint

12" X 12"


jennifer beinhacker
art outside the edge

the horror of what is happening to ukraine

glory to ukraine
glory to the heroes



Beautiful artwork with important touching meaning!

Captures just how I felt after listening to the news this morning and stories about those who help people get out. Well done.

another guernica. really good work

Your new art work is amazing as always, Jennifer!

This is a piece that represents one of the horrible situations in Ukraine. Good job.

Jennifer, I have the same sense of foreboding and your art helps me to understand that feeling. As a second generation American of Ukrainian descendant, greatly influenced by two grandparents who came to this country to find freedom & then raising their six children who served this county, I like to thank you for your insight to the genocide that is occurring there.Thanks, William

Thank you, Jennifer. I feel your pain and the pain of the world. You have expressed it very clearly.

Hi Jennifer, the portrait is beautiful and that is such a heart felt thought for Ukraine. My prayers goes out to them Regular and the organization