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on exhibition:

Pen & Brush Gallery
16 E. 10th St.
New York, New York
4 March-26 April, 2009

Artomatic 2008
Washington, DC
9 May– 15 June 2008

Smith Farms Gallery
1632 U Street NW
Washington DC
2 November – 28 December 2007


CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is SO cool!!!! I went to the Pen and Brush website and that place is beautiful!! Not to mention you are now going to be part of history!!! Jennifer, The Pen and Brush has been supporting female artists since 1894!!!!!! Think of the footsteps you are following!!! Wow, I mean it, wow. Congrats times a 10,000! Well done! Bravo!!

WHao!!! This piece is really great. I can see why it was chosen, superb!
How EXCITING for you, wish I was in the States to see the exhibition.
Such a beautiful thing to do in your life & what an achievement!....You are making me feel somewhat inspired Jennifer:))

jennifer, congratulations!!! how exciting. the year is off to a great start!

Congratulations!!! That's so cool!

Congratulatioms, Jennifer! I agree, this is VERY exciting! And, the painting is wonderful; I can see why they chose it for the exhibit!

simply great!

Great idea and execution!

muy bueno!

Interesting work. Vinciane

Congratulations Jennifer!!!!! I really love this piece, your art and your enthusiasm are such a source of inspiration to me :)

I love this one...

How brilliaNt artwOrk, Jennifer!!! LOve it! A lot!

Outstanding Art!!

Life is a Dream...:-) or :-( .....depends on Dream and depends on Life...

I often think the title!!! ; - ) Excellent work!!!

This is really formidable work of art ... congrats jennifer!!!!!

Lovely artwork and colors that I like, Jennifer...!

You are a genius Jennifer !!

Very creative artwork, Jennifer...! Thank you for sharing your beautiful art with us...

Beautiful, Jennifer!

Awesome work here, Jennifer!

Great work !

Congratulations Jennifer. This amazing piece deserves recognition. So honest in multi emotions from fear to joy and playfulness

Obra-prima arrebatadora e intensa. Uma magnífica manifestação artística Jennifer. Bravo .
Abraços do Brasil.

Beautiful work Jennifer and this reminds me that in life many things cannot be contained in a box also many things have to be viewed from outside the box.

Another interesting image:))


Hi my friend,oh i LOVE the green you used here!!

Very artistic and creative

Amazing work , Jennifer !!

Outstanding work of art! Love the background linear pattern and colors!

With great creativity, an impressive and fascinating work. Good and enjoyable weekend.

Strings pulling, inspiration everywhere, joy unbounded...and a Hug from me


Stunning piece, Jennifer. Not sure I would want my actual dreams to come true, LOL, but dipping into them for creative purposes can be safe, fun, and instructive. I love what you've done here, especially with the eyes, "horns", and mouth of the central figure. Powerful.

a mind square dance...so creative

.now you must wake up, your dream is reality...congratulation...

So wonderful, Jennifer! Great work!

Very creative and lovely artwork, Jennifer! Fabulous colours and composition too! I hope things are still going well for you since this was done in 2007. The very best for you in your artistic journey!

dramatically beautiful, your success is well deserved Jennifer !

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