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Artomatic 2008
Washington, DC
9 May– 15 June 2008


your style is eye catching because there's a dark side, yet these bright colors. great job.

If I should live in your neighbourhood I sure would visit one of your exhibitions. You make intriguing artworks!

It's a refreshing renewal of medieval figurative painting without all the holy crap around...
but a bit amount of faith I can notice well :-)
great work, prost!

Better make sure it's not Gabriel! But if it is, put your fingers in your ears and go "LALALALALALA"

This is an amazing image!

great work

Engrossing, and interesting Jennifer
Lovely artistic representation!
Thank you for sharing you work!

Love this, Jennifer! Thank you for sharing your great art

Great title, wonderful art!!!

wonderful line quality and beautiful open expression.

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there is an angel on my shoulder
acrylic on wood
36" x 11 1/2"