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dialogues of the dead-7th dialogue

debates in the nether regions between the shades of real and imagined characters, sometimes with supernatural beings

painting-acrylic painting on wood, collaged paper, stamps, carpet tacks, acrylic paint. metallic paint

based on my travels in ethiopia at rock hewn churches

7 1/4 " X 17 1/2 "


24 march-6 may 2017
1800 s. bell street
arlington, virginia


Majestosa, intensa e linda. Mais que perfeita.

unique and beautiful

Very well done. You are very talented and I like your style.

WOW!...Fabulous work! Stunning image! Outstanding work, Jennifer!

Awesome as ever Jennifer.

This is a beautiful work!

Superb (as ever) !!!
All my best Wishes for 2014 !!!

great artwork!!!

Great creation Jennifer, well done :-)

Nice and very different!!!

unique and beautiful

Quite interesting Jennifer.

Another amazing cast of characters you have created here!

Hi! great work!

Ahh debates with the dead and Mr Blackitty Knight ... Nothing like it .... I see someone is tied up in a bag too ....Bagged roast I suppose forced to watch the truth of life's final flame games ..

Such a beautiful picture Jennifer!! Love those colors, Janwillem

Impressive, Jennifer

Beautiful work

Colorful and expressive. I'll bet the Ethiopian trip was inspiring:-)

Belegaj penta-;oj, Jennifer !

Song By Rabs For Super Jemmy:
It was a picture of how we end
Like a roasted rag
And how your thoughts in life
Caused strife until you got
Into your oven body bag
But then you got limited by
Flesh life and caught
And missed the fact you were super fire
Already that the stars had been and bought
True Immortals love galaxy magic dust
Know life's a quick holiday like sexy roast wrapped legs and lust

Wonderful work of art!

Very powerful. ...

Un trabajo excepcional, saludos que tengas un buen fin de semana

Tes tableaux sont vraiment intéressants et quelle imagination tu possèdes…..
Bonne continuité mon amie !

magnifique*******************belle imagination++++++++++++

Exceptional work

a unique style, great work!

Fantastic Art. Hugs

Colourful image~

Amazing creation !!! I feel the mood (also) from the from medieval manuscripts ! All what I see here is GREAT and EXCELLENT ! Thank you and have a happy day, dear friend ! :-)

Lovely artistic work here. Well done Jennifer Regards Tess

So very well done ! LOVE this one, Jennifer.

WOW ... this is great, Jennifer :) *****

Very powerful...

remarkable "funeral" procession...love it

Fantastic image as always Jennifer

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dialogues of the dead-7th dialogue