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herndon, va.
16 february-11 march, 2012


Oh wow Jennifer! goodness gracious your art is explosively brilliant!

Most excellent!!!!!!!!!

I like very much this work, and the tones. good evening

oooh jennifer, love, love, love this!!!!

It is always good to be shocked by the brilliance of a beautiful piece of work

Love it ... wonderful !!!!

Great work Jennifer!! Have a nice weekend!! :0)

Wonderful Jennifer! Greetings from snowy Poland!

That's fantastic! Really cool work!

very interesting artwork...

Great art, Jennifer!

Great composition! Congratulations, Jennifer!

very delightful !!! fascinating colors and sublime detail , a real pleasure.

I like this one. Like the visualization of (some of) the multiple sides/facets of a personality.
(Sometimes it's like there's a whole 'community' in there :-))

your work is so adventurous!

the colours in this work are very very beautiful

Que biennnnnnn verte de nuevo, me encanta tu hydra. Besossssss

How an awesome picture we have here. :D loved the way you make it ;)

very delightful !!! Fascinating colors and sublime detail

Cruel Honest!! Nude Honest!!! Honest to the bones!!!
You are danger good Artist!!
Jennifer, I need courage sometimes to watch, sometimes You are TOO Strong could blow me in some my inner deep Holes!!
You paint out loud inner wounds, universal questions that are so hard to be answered or there is no answer ... You Face all of that Hard Stuff... in Your Unique Way.
And There Are Colors. Your Beautiful Colors.
There is Death, but there is Life. There are we the People in the middle of that.
Warm regard and Big Respect! Vesna

great, my dear...bravo

wonderful mixed media work!

wow... interesting and thought provoking image... great work.


Great work!

Excellent Artwork !!!

Fantastic work!

Magic!!!!! Magic!!!!! Magic!!!!! Magic!!!!! Magic!!!!!

Great work!!

Your artwork is fantastic....i like a lot !!!!!!!!!!! Congratulation, jennifer.


This reminds me of someone who has many facets... most of us probably... but I was thinking you in particular. That's what makes you so unique and attractive... because you face them and you're able to articulate with your artwork. You have such a gift Jennifer.

Wonderful work, Jennifer!

..the best idea that i have seen!

J'adore cette pin-up hybride à 5 têtes! Comme cette part de schizophrénie en chacun de nous.

this is so amazing.....xxxxx

wow, awesome work

So fantastic dear Jennifer!


Fantastic work, Jennifer!

fabulous work

Muy creativo e original!!!.

Unique conversation within the work. Fabulous!


Excellent piece! Love your work.

wow! jennifer, this is amazing..

I love your style.

It's gorgeous!

J'utilise un programme de traduction. Parfois phrases drôles en sortir. Je suis désolé que je ne peux écrire des commentaires très simple. Vos photos sont tellement complexes qu'il faut beaucoup plus de temps pour chaque individu afin de commenter vraiment. Vous pouvez également exprimer des sentiments et des connaissances n'est pas toujours facile. Je vous demande maintenant que vous me croyez si je n'écris que des commentaires très simple qui se passe dans mon sentiment beaucoup plus. meilleurs voeux

ohmigosh.... that's me! LOL

you seem to go through the gamut of emotions with your images... you're a star with all your comments too! You definitely seem to be having fun... and trying many different techniques! Yay! David


,.~* Amazing ART WORK *~.,

I like your work a lot, this one especially caught my eye for whatever reason. Beauty.

Molto bello!

You are indeed fascinating as is your art!

what a strong image! so loaded with symbols!!

Fantastic piece!

Excellent art, jennifer !!!!!!!

amazing work,well done

Amazing work!!!

Magnific !!!

Jennifer, I really love this, cool work!!

wonderful work!

Excellent, Jennifer, perfection.

Very nicely done Jennifer, excellent work!

beautiful layout, concept, and use of color.

Wonderful and bold and unique...!

Magnificent work ~ Your presentations are all unique ~ Great creative powers my friend.

Wonderful work!


fantastic !!!

Fantastic work my friend.I love the vampire teeth :)

Beautiful work

Most people paint the external world; you are on another level altogether. Thank you for these glimpses of your mind. I hope you don't dream this stuff at night...

Sometimes 5 heads are better than 1! Fabulous colours and beautiful and creative artwork!

Fantastic work Jennifer, I must say though only 5 masks, I must have at least 50.

Great depiction, love the colours

Very creative.

Amazing work here, Jennifer!!

Had to look at this again...so true with the many facets :)

and here I am :o)) saw it with pleasure again...have a great day!

Really Awesome, my friend !

i do like it!, the colors the contrast!, it's very original! : )

fine work!!

nice little swagger you have going there...great work

pretty sultry stance...beautiful work

always excellent!

We are all this kind, I am afraid ... Excellent work, Jennifer.

Amazing image, Jennifer!

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