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cool. I think that your work is very original. you're all an artist.

I like this very much

Fab! Very situationist...I do love the loose, spontaneous quality of it, though (especially the tears at the bottom)...

YES Jennifer......I like this !!

This one is beautiful and free! I assume your stream of consciousness was heavily involved.

Buen collage...

Very cool !!

Superbe !

Your work always pleases me, Jennifer. Thank you

Most excellent!

une belle expression graphique.

wonderful work... I love the way my eye is drawn to... well... the eye in your art. Very awesome!


..nice collage here! another interesting side of your art!

Very cool image! :-))

Love this!!! Beautiful!!! Excellent work!!!

Hi, geNius!!!

masterpiece..so striking collage..love it ..Jennifer..

Nicely Done!!!


Awesome work!

Excellent and wonderful Art!

To be honest, I'm not really sure just what style/s this montage reminds me of - on reflection, it seems (to me) more reminiscent of Schwitters than anything... Shades of Dada perhaps, as well as Situationist art... I do love the loose, spontaneous quality of it, though (especially the tears at the bottom)... I only wish my own work was this spontaneous - most of it is so damn formal! :p

hi to you too ;-)


brilliant art !

Excellent work!


IncRedible beauty!!!

Love this composition!

Hi Jennifer :-) Wish you a happy day !

Excelente execução!!! Parabéns.

Wonderful collage and intriguing work ! : ) Love it !

So cool dear friend:-)!

jenniferbeinhacker.com collage “self taught” “acrylic painting “”acrylic paint” “folk art” “mixed media” assemblage “water color paint” women men children faces hands dolls surrealism expressionism “visionary art” “primitive art” “deviant art” “folk art”
mixed media
26 3/4" x 14 3/4" x 1