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my card is allegorical. it addresses the situation of female political figures (the queen) in the male dominated washington political arena (the clubs). the heads in the corners represents the extremes of the right and left, the physical challenges to women as well as the unreasoned demands and attacks from special interests of all kinds. birds are omens. on an allegorical level, the bird can be seen as either the embodiment of the disturbing and shattering forces that threaten all
female political figures or as a winged messenger of hope. the queen herself lacks any indication of her femaleness (no body, no clothes) – there is too much emphasis on the appearance of female politicians and not enough on their views and accomplishments. and the dancing children-- politics in washington is a game which you need to learn regardless of gender- to be “a player.”

i received this email (below) on my website a few weeks ago:

We ran across your website and thought you might be interested in our upcoming Project. We are Art in Hand˙, an arts publisher looking to bring our City Project Decks of cards to the city of Washington, DC. We are seeking 54 artists who are currently living and working in the Washington, DC area to participate in our next City Project Deck.
The Washington, DC Project will be a deck of fully functional playing cards where each individual card in the deck (plus 2 jokers) is rendered in the typical style of the contributing artist. The project will create widespread exposure for participating artists while producing a unique, entertaining, functional and green product for the city of Washington, DC.
We are seeking artists of 2-dimensional art in any style or medium and from as many different neighborhoods and districts within Washington, DC area as possible.
Accepted artists will be assigned one card from the deck and asked to produce an original piece of work that clearly represents their designated card, that represents some aspect (be it overt or subtle) of Washington, DC and that is created in their own unique style.
There will be no fee for participation but accepted artists will be asked to sign a letter of commitment as well as submit a high res TIFF of the image in exchange for a one-time royalty payment in product. Artists are free to keep their original image.
For more information or to view other City Projects, please visit our website, www.artinhandcards.com.
Thanks for considering being part of this very fun and unique project.

i replied and was accepted. i was given the QUEEN OF CLUBS as my card.


Touchstone Gallery
901 New York Ave NW
Washington DC 20001
29 june-29 july 2011


Your work is so original that it just sings its own song, beautifully. Good luck on your upcoming DC show next week, I'm sure it will be a smash.

great, congrats

Great one, Jennifer!! Congrats!!


Wow, I love it!

Your work is one of the most interesting

this unusual creation is very beautiful, very pleasing

This is such a fun and modern work of art...love the colors!

Amazing work Jennifer!!

Beautiful artwork :-D

i'm so proud of your success with this.

I am very impressed by your fantastic world !


Wow, I love it!

Your work is one of the most interesting and compromised.

this unusual creation is very beautiful, very pleasing

This is such a fun and modern work of art...love the colors!

Amazing work Jennifer!!

Beautiful artwork :-D


Salute, Jennfer!!! great art!

it is a strong image with something important to say.

Excellent Work!

wonderful work !!!!

This is really a wonderful image!

VeRy NiCe ImAgE...!

FantastiC wOrk, Jennifer!!!

This is wonderful, Jennifer !!

Really cool project and a masterful design using a topic that reverberates with the harsh realities of politics!!!

muy expresivo, me resulta extraño lo del colibrí sobre la cabeza.

Magical painting, love it Jennifer!!

Excellent piece! Well done!

una colorida reina!

wonderful work!

This is bursting with creative energies ! I'm in awe of your talent

I love your work.. Great !!!!!!!!!! Ken

Wonderful my friend.


Excellent and fun!

Fascinating use of allegory. :)

wow; what a hoot; love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great my dear Jennifer

wonderful work


Dear Jennifer, Really like your card AND explanation of it !! Best wishes and happiness to you !! Congratulations !!

brilliant! :))

nice work !

Incredible Jennifer!!!

Good morning Jennifer, ....I love the colors, and composition of this piece!


thought provoking photo! thanks for making this available, jennifer!


Wonderful work!

Absolutely brilliant.

cool card, love the explanation! :)

what a visual treat !

Quite interesting allegory.

Surreal beauty!

great colours

Great Work of Art !!!

very creative, love the colours

Very interesting--great idea & intriguing composition with readily understandable icons!

another beauty, J!

Hi Jennifer, congratulations for your wonderful work, like all of your great works of art, where you know ben transmit pure emotions!
Brilliant creativity, congratulations to the author for his great masterpiece, the ingenious interpretation of all of his paint from the great artistic and creative thick!

J ... your images always make me smile!

Congratulations jennifer!!! A beautiful piece also!!

Very wonderful story, very interesting symbolism in the card, and excellent artwork Thank you for sharing.

Beautiful artwork :-D Have a nice day Jennifer ♥♫

You know that I appreciate your pictures, your art. It stimulates the imagination and thoughts. Ciao


Your work is so original that it just sings its own song, beautifully.


fantastica !!!=)

Good work! I like it!!

I love this!

..Awesome work jennifer!!!

Fascinating use of allegory...i loved !!!

Brilliant work, Jennifer !!!

You deserve to be there!

nteresting information and beautiful painting

Beautiful art work!

Very nice work Jennifer!! Janwillem

Emotional and full of tension

A one card royal flush!
So interesting to read your description, also.

Very beautiful work.

Nice work Jennifer, congratulations on being accepted. Thanks for the explanation of the meaning of your card, have a good weekend.

Not only do I admire your art but your interpretations are fascinating.
Congratulations on being selected to contribute.

Brilliant. Thanks for the explanation. I note that there's no difference between the extreme left and extreme right...

congrats..excellent work!

Great artwork

Superb colours and composition Jennifer! A fabulous creation and presentation too!

What a wonderful project this is and I love your card! Thank you for the explanation of the card which is very interesting.

genial interpretation !!!

Beautiful work Jennifer, love the expression on Queens face looks like it's saying "Whoa too much information".

This is fantastic Jennifer!!

Powerful, with a centre of calm

Lovely colour, composure

Interesting project and your art- card !


Fantastic Art Jennifer..

Great composition!!

so funny and colorful! i love it!


Wow Jennifer how did I miss this one? Belated congratulations on getting accepted and on this worthy and nicely composed painting,

love this one, jennifer!

Really awesome and cool work, Jennifer!

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