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the griffin

mixed media on wood: acrylic paint, metallic paint, collaged paper, wood dowels, jewels, stamps

24" X 24" X 2 1/2"

jennifer beinhacker
art outside the edge


absolutely superb !!!

De toute BEAUTÉ et de belles couleurs vivifiantes pour le moral :-)

fine work...all those eyes

Lindas cores nesta excelente composição!!


This is really a wonderful image!

Tout a fait grandiose,un travail de papier collage et de peinture magnifique.

It is one of those pieces where the more I look the more I see , like the faces within faces. Fascinating !

Great composition in square! And I always love your style, my dear friend !

Woow Jennifer, beautiful and artistic primitive artwork on this one! Fabulous mix of very rich colours and superb composition! Wonderful components brought together too!

Stunning imagery!

Precioso trabajo ,bella creación ,magnifico punto de luz ,bonitos colores ,besos amiga ,feliz tarde,

Great, great, great

Many faces looking at me, and I am enjoying it very much. A colorful assemblage.

Splendid artwork, Jennifer! I love the brilliant colors and composition!

Stunning and colorful beauty!

Fabulous art, Jennifer! Looks great!

Hello Jennifer, great to see your art work! Hope you are keeping well!

One of your very best ever

a fabulous fantasy symbolism, greatly composed and really an eyes catcher ! have a lovely weekend Jennifer

Enjoying another look Jennifer:)

Fantastic artwork Jennifer!

Wonderful colors and creation, Jennifer !

Outstanding artistic collage here. Well done Jennifer Regards Tess

Awesome work !!!

Excellent composition.

Excellent piece! Well done!

Beautiful composition! *************

Beautifully intricate and in my opinion one your best Jennifer, Nice work.

How wonderful,delicious colour works, awesome artwork my friend!!!

Interesante trabajo,,,,me gusta este collage!

outstanding [ as usual ] !!!

Fantastic creation...well done Jennifer.

Fantastic collage here. Really up there with your best. Well done Jennifer Regards Tess

This is a marvelous piece of art my friend:)) I hope you are keeping well!! Muriel

An amazing and complex art work!!!

belle composition******************tout un Art le tien ! bravo******************

Des regards mémorables en couleurs chaudes.

Wonderful work!

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the griffin