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mixed media on wood: acrylic paint, collage

22 1/2" L x 17" H


Fabulosa, Divina e Mais-Que-Perfeita. Impossível definir sentimentos apreciando tão maravilhosa arte. Abraço amiga Jennifer

One of your best, my friend!!!

Great collage my friend!!

You are unique my dear, compliments for your work. kisses, anto

On dirait presque une reliure de livre des années art nouveau de 1920

This is the most interesting picture that I have seen in quite a while. Nice!

que buen collage

Ooooo, dear Jennifer!! Becket, Warhol, Breton & co, You, Your Time Machine that is gathering guests by Spirit, Creativity, Camikaze issue :-), playing, dancing, Exploring, flying, exploring, Falling, Flying!! The Garden where you feel free, being free from yourself too :-). May I come, please? :-) Hug to You!

Wonderful artwork :-D

Love this collage!!!

this looks more like Haight Ashbury party around 1967. Some acid tunes in the air ;)

Bizarre and wonderful. I like this very much.

thanks for sharing Jennifer

Linda imagem!!!! Cores belas e vibrantes!!!! Parabéns!!!!

very surreal... love it!

Hee hee, very cool.

Wonderful design and colors, as always, Jennifer...!

Great work!

molto bella

Wonderful collage work..so well composed..love this one..

well done

Wish you a happy and creative weekend !

nice collage

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garden party