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acrylic paint on wood

19" x 14"

the meaning of this painting:

" i saw her standing in the road holding her dead child. her village traditional make-up made her shimmer in the sun. i had never seen anything as beautiful as burma gleaming like gold".

comments made:

This is stunning. So much power and emotion.

Wow. Full of emotion and power--and perhaps a strange joy, despite the sorrow.

Love the crackle background, it make the images come alive and vibrate with exciting energy washing away the display of death in an ironic juxtaposition, interesting work of art to contemplate!!!

Love your freedom of expression. I love what you're doing. It's fantastic and makes me feel proud to know you! Bravo ~

I feel sorrow and pain, hope and contemplation. It's striking. Deeply impressive.

You are an outstanding exemplar of why all artists should travel as much as they can, especially to places that are outside their normal comfort zone!

Beautiful work!

Human tragedy is like living an endless nightmare in the middle of the day but you can't get out of it even when the nigh is falling down or another day is coming .....

striking...and, the background texture couldn't be more perfect to bring attention to the various scenes and figures...definitely sets a mood...

Great inspiration! Really original works!

You are an outstanding exemplar of why all artists should travel as much as they can, especially to places that are outside their normal comfort zone! Beautiful work!

Your style so unique! Love the earthy palette.


This is really intriguing.

A wonderful creative art work.

I find this painting very compelling it makes me feel like the viewer can find a way out of limbo, overcoming loneliness, and promot a process of going within and learning self -trust! Very inspiring! Wishing you a creative week! Sending you a healing hug!Sx

You are an artist!!!!!

Great work! You have excellent fantasy, Jennifer!

your work is always very powerful and blunt (do you say blunt in this case? ... )
love it a lot!

Hi Jennifer...I love this piece!!!I,


Great work.

este me asusta.....jajajajaja...en que pensarías cuando lo creaste?

Very nice!

So supeeer!

wonderful as always :)

excellent work

Another interesting piece with wonderful colors! Have a great day, Jennifer!

powerful narrative!!

Esplêndida Arte. Muito criativa e fabulosa. Parabéns Jennifer




Bonita captura ,buen trabajo y edición,que tengas un feliz dia,saludos cordiales desde Cádiz-España.


excellent art work

as usual, magnificent!

Hug, my dear Jennifer!!

Jennifer, you seem incapable of doing bad work!

Powerful image Jennifer

The horror! The horror! A heart of darkness here for sure...

That is awesome

very nice!

Great artwork!

Another colorful and creative work!

Excellent composition and stunning painting!

Beautiful work Jennifer. Love the background

fabtastic art Jennifer..

Amazing art, my friend...! : )

Powerful !!

very powerful story

I also have seen such a scene in India ... (:o(( Well done, Jennifer.

As the colours indicates here, they're muted, maybe to indicate the loss of the child in this village? A sad message of a lost life, even before the unfolding of what was suppose to be. Beautifully put together Jennifer, and a wonderful painting too!

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