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dialogues of the dead-8th dialogue

debates in the nether regions between the shades of real and imagined characters, sometimes with supernatural beings

painting-acrylic painting on wood, collaged paper, stamps, carpet tacks, acrylic paint. metallic paint

based on my travels in ethiopia at rock hewn churches

7 1/2 " X 17 1/2 "

jennifer beinhacker
art outside the edge


great Jennifer!

I like this piece!!

Gefällt mir!

Amazing, love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fantástico trabalho com excelentes cores!!! Parabéns e um bom fim de semana.

This is brilliant

amazing image Jennifer.....wonderful art...superb

One Word ... Superb !! Wonderful creativity and Artwork and Emotions !! !! LOve It ! : )

Beautiful and artistic image Jennifer.

fantastic work

Intenso, fabuloso e lindo. Bravo. Abraços.


You're a great artist, I love your work, keep on !!

Amazing (as usual) !!!! Have a fine week, jennifer !

stunning art

Well done. Nice art.

Terrific work! Interesting and diabolical composition.

Oh my golden dogs with red tongues ... It is a scene from the world that wretches at itself in anguishes' and where the spirit of the reptile eats beings ... The child is afraid and yet there is a mother close . The strange bear like monkey being watches too and feels like a spew...
Yes all in all it is a fairly good picture of parts of the human condition and its absurdity ...Both an inner reality we all bear and a prophecy that is already true too .
A piece of hell ... Hell in a tell ... A tapestry tell of hell .. Sicking out, pell mell ....Done by Jemma the New York finger pointing Angell ..
When the gold dogs with red tongues
Breathe their rot
And the soul at the centre becomes forgot
Then will the sickness teem
In the swallowed gleam of the reptiles gut
And only a mothering soul of care
Will hold the world back from sick despair..

Great piece of work again Jennifer!!!

Saluton amikino, estas tre interese viaj vidi viajn du lastajn pentraĵojn estus agrable vidi ĉiujn kune sekvante je la unua ĝis la lasta, ĉu ne. Ili estas tre enigmaj.

Nice work!

You seem to be creatively inspired!!! Stay with it. ..♥

Sublime work!

Superb artistry and imaginative creation, Jennifer

Buen trabajo. Saludos.

Very Nice my friend Jennifer Congratulations, Regards Alberto

That looks fantastic

Amazing art, Jennifer!

Could see this in a Roman temple during the time of Julius Caesar....

Powerful work . . .has a wonderful and personal feel from a medieval mind and consciousness

c'est une peinture très originale ma mie*******************


Excellent creation Jennifer


Such expressions, Jennifer. Powerful image

Excellent work Jennifer

Amazing work Jennifer

Outstanding painting!

this is really for real

Another amazing image Jennifer, Like the strong lines and bold colours great work.

love it!

it´s really good art!:)

Outstanding work Jennifer

Such an interesting image, Jennifer! Amazing work!

What a great art work! I like it very much. Thanks for sharing

I think this is one of your best! I can also recognize your artwork from a quick glance. There is something to be said for that.......That's Bravo!

Fantastic work, Jennifer!

Amazing image, Jennifer! Powerful presentation!

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dialogues of the dead-8th dialogues
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