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mixed media on wood: acrylic paint, metallic paint, collaged paper.

18" X 12"

based on my travels in puerto rico

jennifer beinhacker
art outside the edge


24 march-6 may 2017
1800 s. bell street
arlington, virginia


Amazing LOVE IT!!!! Have a GREAT week

Interesting and colourful image, great work Jennifer.

Admirable work. Good and pleasant week.

Provocative and evocative, as usual.

Wow...awesome as always ! Excellent work ! Have a wonderful week.

superb creation !!!

Très bien fait…..j'aime ************

superb creation!


Superbe imagination magnifique résultat

Only you could make twisted look sort of normal. Fine work, Jennifer!

Hands in feet and feet in hands...GREAT ART!

excellent work

fascinating anatomical fantasy...although, it would be easier to insert foot in mouth...something I have a long history of experience with...great work...love the black accent(s)

This is strange, weird, frightening, and most of all an amazing piece of art!
Very smart work.

Yes, strange and frightening .... but very beautiful, Jennifer !

Creative and amazing art, Jennifer...!

Superbe !

Great work

Belo trabalho!... forte!****

Oh my, the imagination goes wild, Jennifer, lol! Fabulous creative artwork and and so beautifully presented! Marvelous colour composition and I love the toe and nail polish too!

Amazing work

Comme toujours une très belle créativité.

I love this - fluid movement and huge animation....

une création aux émotions tourmentées Jennifer mais bien réalisée ! bravo******************

Looking good. good morning my friend ! kisses and hugs




Stunning artistic artwork. Well done Jennifer. regards Tess

Déjanté et créatif : j'aime beaucoup .

Fantastic memento mori! Hope you enjoy the day and wish you a pleasant new week.


Nice piece!


O yes another fine piece of work here dear!!!! Wish you a lovely day Jennifer, Greets,

superb artwork. great symmetry and sympathetic smiling skull, the inversion feet/hands is really suggestive. Happy spring to you, Jennifer !

Still looking sensational

Gruselig aber sehr kreativ ! Ein schönes Wochenende, Jennifer !

This is cool. I really like it.

This is great

Un interesante trabajo artístico. Me gusta tu estilo !


J'aime bien !!!!

I love your work! Very creative and free-spirited!

Great work as always my friend-:-) wish you a happy good weekend,Bless you:-)

Superb creation!

Very powerful and striking image

I like

Very nice, Jennifer!

it's really a pleasure to see this masterpiece again !

very cool.

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