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mixed media: on wood: acrylic paint, water color paint, billboard paper, collaged paper, nails, silver cord, glass jewels, beads, xerox paper

the middle part of this piece was done separately. i have a series of sketchbooks that i had made 2d collages in. every now and then i take out one of my earlier works and incorporate it into a new art piece. since my "style" of work changes as time passes i like to use the "old" with the "new". this keeps me in my original 2d collage roots and yet refreshes the piece into something different. maybe i should change the name of the series to "transformation"???

actually the "inside" collaged piece is "billboard" from italy and the "pink face" is torn from a billboard in new york. so it's a "double billboard". i just realized that...it was unintentional, but i like the "double" effect.
since i didn't realize this when creating this piece this underscores how i do my art...it is often "unconscious"...i never know from whence it comes!

comments made:

this is great!!

This is wonderful! I love the contrast of grey and pink, the repetition and the rough, xeroxy elements.

brilliant collage

Another favorite. Love the composition here.

this is wonderful!

Very cool

Great piece!

like a piece of dynamic Pop-Art... brilliant.

That's very 70's i mean and red shoes maybe from 50's. Make me think to the Velvet underground.

Hello Jennifer. hai sempre un imaginazione grande!!!Brava!

Great Jennifer you are a powerful ....kisses. Antonella

powerful as all of your work! congratulation!

beautiful and very creative

Me encanta este collage !!!!!

Wonderful, Jennifer! I like your collages! :)

so cool

Fantastic work !!! Wonderful composition !!!

I like your surrealistic lines in your works.Excellent!

...very nice!

wonderful!! ;-)

maravilloso trabajo

Really good job!

I love your work Jennifer - you are amazing - Vicky x

Wow, wow and wow.

I don't recall seeing this before! Great use of imagery.

Primoroso e maravilhoso. Abraço amiga

Great, Jennifer !!

So lovely & modern style. Happy New Year, Jennifer.

Belo trabalho!!!!!!!!!!!

Beautiful work

Beautiful! Jennifer!!!

hello jennifer. I like the feeling tone of this one. The repetition creates kind of a stutter effect that appeals.

Love your artwork here, Jennifer..

love this one !!!

Fab work!

Ahhh, yes Italian shoes and models new and old.

Fantastic work!

LOvely creation !!!

Great one jennifer.

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billboard series 3
20" x 14" x 1"