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assemblage on wood: water color paint, xerox photograph, xerox paper, stamps, carpet tacks, red mesh from fruit box

7 1/2" X 12 1/4"

jennifer beinhacker
art outside the edge

xerox photograph: several years ago neal, at a holiday party, decided to decorate himself with holiday garland and xerox his face as a silly present to me.
since xerox can sometimes copy dark.....there he is.....hiding!


24 march-6 may 2017
1800 s. bell street
arlington, virginia

Une belle et admirable réalisation.. La décoration avec la guirlande est magnifique.
Bon Dimanche.

Hiding for the woman above him. Silly man if he only would know what she could give him . . .

Wonderful Creation!

I love the faces, especially the dark one. And a pair of angels, too! Before I read you description, I thought that looked a lot like Christmas garland. This is an impressive piece of work


My first real visit but certainly not my last , amazing and interesting work

Brilliant work of art!

An image full of symbolism. Make of it what you will, everybody's interpretation will be different. Very original artwork, Jennifer.

Great composition and materials. Well done!!

Back again, Jennifer! Have a great week.

Very beautiful work

genial collage for a great artwork ! have a lovely new week !

Heehee, fabulous use of a photocopier to add to the artistic challenge, it worked out well for you, maybe not so much for Neal, lol!

a superb picture

Great art Jennifer

superbe et beau travail jennifer !*******Belle semaine ! bisous

Brilliant work , Lovely ,

Nice one Jennifer my friend.xx

So beautiful .... really lovely my friend! Have a nice day.

Wonderful use of color and skills here Jennifer...........love the new you too dear!!!
Or is that stupid to say Jennifer........there really is a change of style and loving it,
Respect dear, looking forward to you new stuff, Cheers, Janwillem

your style is really hot here in europe!!!!

Beautiful creation Jennifer

She's looking at me! Great work

Inner sadness adorned with Christmas decorations. The hands are like angel-wings.

Behind the tinsel of life....Excellent artwork and for me a sense of calm balance hangs over this....

superbe creation!

nice art work

I do so love your art my friend !

Great one

superbe réalisation

fantastic !!!

Mes compliments pour cette création dès plus originale ***********Bon Dimanche ma chère !

Magnifique !!

Awesome as ever.

Una maravilla de trabajo, bonitos colores, saludos que tengas una buena semana

This is awesome

Still loving everything about it dear!

This is so beautiful my friend! Have a nice new week.

J'aime ton imaginaire ,excellent travail.


Wow.....simply beautiful. Fabulous creative work

So beautiful

Beau travail!!

Very creatively presented!

always interesting! Hi dear Jennifer :)

Great collage, well seen and composed.

interesting work

very nice!

A great creativity!

Very well done!

Nice work!

Wonderful collage, very creative! I love your work!


Interesting contrasts

Tre interesa arta

I love this

I really love your work. Hugs and kisses.

Ah, wonderful image, I must tell this again ! :-

very emotional and profound ! ***

Un trabajo muy creativo.

superb work, jennifer ... i love this piece!

Great image and work! So very creative, Jennifer!

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