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mixed media on wood-acrylic paint, metallic paint, collaged paper, silver cord, nails, carpet tacks, beads, stamps, doll hands

the silver cord is raised 3" above the painting. they are connected by large nails

29" X 13" X 3"

jennifer beinhacker
art outside the edge


24 march-6 may 2017
1800 s. bell street
arlington, virginia


Well conceived and designed. A lot of interesting things to see.

beautiful art...love the "blueness" and, of course, all the emotive faces

This is amazing work

Great colors!

Amazing work, Jennifer!

Fantastic, thought-provoking painting!

It´s another masterpiece! *********

Fantastic painting Jennifer!

Fantastic art work.

Another wonderful artistic creation. Well done Jennifer Regards Tess

Nicely constructed with unusual colours for you Jennifer.

A bit different approach Jennifer, using black and subdued colours. I like this one, very creative and beautifully composed too! Fabulous artwork and very nicely presented!

Stunning work of art! Love the color tones and abundance of activity!

another splendid artwork, great construction, the cords well frame the amazing scene

A night scene, everything here is reflected light just as the sun reflects its light off the moon. This image is filled with moons, isn't it? Moons of various sizes, symbolic moons, but who are these figures sitting back to back on some strange, shadowy throne, eating what they please? Eating the world, perhaps. Eating souls. And those strings or ropes - not only do they cordon off sections of this bizarre night world, but they link this to that, and thereby point to the relationships between the various figures. Lots going on, as usual, in your work. I have no idea what it means, and in that respect it's no different from regular, waking life. Here we are. Very strange.

Excellent work Jennifer as always:)) Have a wonderful week ahead:))

Of course, the theme is kind of mysterious to me. It always seems that people aren't good for other people. Or maybe that they are some food for some others...I like very much the size and the colors of this picture, Jennifer. Have a nice new week.

Muy divertida

Interesante composición!

Excellent work.

Que j'aime cette si belle ORIGINALITÉ *******************

You certainly "tied" together your artistic vision very well here. So many stories to be found in this assemblage.

Tragik and Comik__________Tragikomik like the life!!!

I can always tell your work!!!!! Fascinating!!!!!

Your art is brilliant!!!!!!!!!!

Always excellent - in its entirety and in details , my dear friend !!! I wish you happy WE :-)

Very cool work

Original and very well done!

Muy bueno.

excellent et d'un beau bleu/

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