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self portrait 10 :hiding

in wooden box: acrylic paint, bracelet from india, collaged match box, wool, collaged paper, sparkle paint, stamps, bead, shell, rock, marbles, glass globules, photograph (of me. the reason my face looks "white" is because i am wearing white face paint.....to accentuate the "hiding"), plastic berries, skull

14" X 11" X 3 "

it has the lime green paint i use in all the backgrounds of my self portraits (as a unifying element) .
the sides are all painted but are not show in this photograph. i tried to take a photo of this at an angle so you could see the sides, but that didn't work out.
on the sides are "stamp" faces and green glass globules. on the top are three black marbles.
the inside has collaged faces and hanging down under the bracelet ( which i bought in india) is a collaged match box that i made.


Why hiding? Lovely art..

Cool! I love it!

love love this one, have a good Sunday dear J.

great art work. wonderful colors

My dear Jennifer,
It is Alive and breaths!!! growing!!!
Your Sides!!!
I can watch for hours!!
So many here!!
You are into self In and Out.
Focused Feeling Life.
Between Bars
In-Possibilites ...
Big Hug!!

ciao jennifer! bel lavoro! complimenti!

A singular and absorbing way to look at reality! Fascinating!

Uh oh...you are almost in the corner...what did you do to get seated like that? Funny!

J'aime beaucoup

GoOOOooOOd morninG, geNius!!!

Marvelous work! Wonderful !!!

Excellent creation as always!! Enjoy your new week dear Jennifer, hugs from Munich!!

LOVE this!!!!!!!!

I guess we all hide to some extent, but you are very brave in the way you express yourself in your art.

very powerful and beautiful! :] oOo

.....Salute, Jennifer!....
....I see your "world" around you....and I see - you are a queen of your "world"....

so much fun to see you staring out from the background!

Superb work my friend with good detail and lovely tones

Excellent image...well done my friend..! Really amazing..

WOOWWW!!! Awesome artwork Jennifer !!!

Creative, imaginative, thought provoking, colorful, interesting . . . one of the best original works I have seen in a while. I feel proud of your achievement!

Very good, jennifer !

I love to see you in this self portrait! and I'm waiting for the next to see another view of you which never could the the same because you are more as the sum of your works


Extraordinária obra minha amiga Jennifer. Um trabalho hipnotizante, visceral e de elementos mágicos e fabulosos. Uma linda e fascinante arte surreal. Amo toda essa divina composição. Genial. Grande Abraço ;)

it is a really striking and introspective work..brava !

Fantastic! Your art is really original! I like it!!!!!

Beautiful art, Jennifer...!

Great work again Jenn! Great hiding place ;))

Great work, Jennifer, nice series.

Oh my Goodness, you are such an inspiration and absolutely the best. I love your self-portrait - I love your wild, wild self - yet you are so with it in your spirit and confidence!
You look like the madame buddha - and I smile when I look at this - you are a temptress and a teacher and a shaman and a creative genius - oh I can think of many things about you Jennifer - and all exciting and good. I like your shoes. :))))

Wow! Beautiful work

this one a kind original self portrait of a one of a kind original artist.....most fascinating.

Fantastic self portrait creation!

This is a wonderful creation-

Nice self portrait^^

Amazing work

Big huGs from Brazil !

So cool!

your fantasy is fantastic and at times fearsome !

wonderful work!

Nice work, Well done!, Trev

Very creative and colourful:-D Wonderful work Jennifer !

soo beautiful ^ o^)~♥

WOW! When I first saw this the thought that came into my mind was "Jennifer showing her Durga power!"
from Wikipedia:
An embodiment of creative feminine force (Shakti), Durga exists in a state of svātantrya (independence from the universe and anything/anybody else, i.e., self-sufficiency) and fierce compassion.Durga manifests fearlessness and patience, and never loses her sense of humor, even during spiritual battles of epic proportion.
Excellent work!

You really need to think outside the box! LOL

wow -- a fabulous self-portrait!

I am speechless! Great, to put it mildly!

wonderful concept, self irony is a great quality I think !

I LOVE this! One of your strongest, best works! :)

love Your work,so much

compelling work


wow, this is marvelous Jennifer. I understand the desire to hide, yet you reveal your vulnerabilities so beautifully, hugs, Lisa

Great work,Jennifer !!

another wild one! :)

Hiding in plain site-I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's quite a self portrait!

excellent !!!

Sometimes it all comes with us, even when we try to hide. Excellent self portrait.

wow, this is amazing jennifer...i am surprised to hear that you are on the fence about it..
this makes me want to take my sefies into 3d..so many cool details, and the best part is you..your pose and the way you are sitting so nonchalantly amoungst your signature creations..

GoOOOooOOd morninG, geNius!!!

Excellent creation as always!! Enjoy your newweek dear Jennifer, hugs from Munich!!


Groovy!!! Which one are you?...LOL

This is really cool. Nice piece of art.

What I think on your "hiding" self portrait... Take photos of both sides and post them underneath this image. You have done that before and we love to see all sides of your art...!

Really a wonderful composition. Really artistic. A clear fav. I enjoyed this. Thank you for sharing.

We must be due the next masterpiece by now!

Eccellente, Jennifer. Ciao

What a self-portrait, Jennifer !!! I have often looked at it now ... It's rather confusing for myself with so many items of your prolific symbol universe ! Full of imagination and an outburst of creativity, vivid colour and the mysterious contrast of showing so much of yourself, but hiding it in all these symbols ....Cheers to your great creativity!!!

Fantastic self portrait creation!

great and genious

lovely work.

Bonita captura ,buen trabajo,gracias por su visita y comentario,que tengas un feliz dia,saludos cordiales desde Cádiz-España.

That shouting head would cast anyone into hiding! The wishes of the best and ideals are left infront, maybe they will protect agains some of those low-lying demons there.. ;) Unique work!

wonderful concept, self irony is a great quality I think !

,.~* Nice To See You *~.,

Wonderfully creative and colourful

This is fabulous Jennifer

We found you!!!!


Your work makes one happy!! :-))

WOW!...Amazing work! Great picture! Beautiful work, Jennifer!

Just great!

In this one Jennifer I feel that you have been lowered into an environment that you are not entirely satisfied with or feel unhappy about, there are thing that try to make you settled but your inner feeling is I am not sure.

I think that it's superb !

love it !!!

Fantastic, original and unique as usual, dear Jennifer :-)

It looks like you; still though, immobile...I know you are Active, Animated, Artistic and Vibrant.....Here you are listening, carefully deciding, hearing opinions in Surround Sound...absorbing...And then you know (I know) you will arise, head up and toss aside trivia; concentrate on the real and actual and important....and be creative...

estus erare. Al mi ege pla;as la libereco en via sinteno precipe, vi aspektas trankvila, tre paca dum via irka;o faras ju;ojn pri via agado. Gratulojn pro via esprimo de libereco, ;ar oni estas libere en la animo kaj menso unue ol ;io.
translation: I greatly pleases the freedom in your attitude especially, you look calm, very peaceful during your environment makes judgments about your action. Congratulations on your expression of freedom, because it is free in the soul and mind first that was all.

Great image

Fabulous rich colours and so many objects and materials used towards the finished artwork! A fabulous "key chain" effect with your face paint and the oriental clothes, as black and red are somewhat a traditional colour! Beautifully creative!

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self portrait 10-hiding