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Meravigliosa visione onirica che regala un'attimo di sospensione nello scorrere del tempo...Molto bella!!!

so Beautiful!!!

To hold on or to let go, to run or to fight, that's the question-you've captured the state of fear, ambivalence, really wonderfully , anyway , i think so...the black seems to focus my attention inward..

very cool work ,as are all your pieces

jennifer, the black is very striking. i really like the bottlecaps with your artwork, too. what a great idea.

Stunning work!

Your work is incredibly creative and cohesive!
I look forward to seeing what you do in 2010!

Bellissimo dipinto che evoca gesta e sguardi di segreti riti antichi che la notte avvolge in silenzi lunari...Complimenti!!!

Tu as tellement d'imagination et on retrouve toute la palette des couleurs !
Bonne fin de journée Jennifer !!!

Ha ha, yes, I'd like to see a collection of your truly cheerful work. Would it cover one wall of a small room? Well, you probably have no choice: you must paint, that is obvious, and what comes out... comes out. Good gut reaction to paint over the yellow. The resulting yellow halo around some of the figures here is an interesting touch.

Terrific work Jennifer, I must say that the black background adds to the atmosphere of the creation.....

It still looks "bloody" happy :) I love the black background...it makes the vivid colors pop out but I guess that what we like is a matter of what comes from within and that changes so that we are never sure if we like tomorrow what we like today...

love it ! great work Jennifer ***

Amazing image, Jennifer!

Great contrast and good effect with this yellow color of edging.
I'm glad to read your words "happy person who make not >funny< paintings" ! ;-)
One of the secrets of art .. ;-)

love this !!!

black is good...this covers so many emotions...busily uncluttered

Great work, Jennifer! Fascinating image!

A fabulous colourful piece of artwork, Jennifer! Very creative presentation and it look marvelous on a black background! Heehee, no one knows your feelings but you, people tend to hide many emotions and only open up to very trusted people or to complete strangers they they may never see again! A beautiful painting!

Fabulous creation.

Hello Jennifer:)) Great work as always.

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mixed media on wood: acrylic paint, bottlecaps, three small photographs of my art work, weathered garden trellis, weathered twine
24" X 19"