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dialogues of the dead-15th dialogue

debates in the nether regions between the shades of real and imagined characters, sometimes with supernatural beings

based on my travels in italy

mixed media painting on wood: acrylic paint, metallic paint, water color paint, collaged paper,angels

12" X 7 1/2"

jennifer beinhacker
art outside the edge


Du naturel au surnaturel,un travail artistiquement bien présenté ..! Bonne soiree.

The children's faces, the bright colours, and the simple forms give a storybook air to the gruesome events depicted. The colours are also effectively arranged and the flat figures are arranged to provide a strong impression of depth. And there are even more surprises.

the only ones who DON'T seem to be enjoying themselves are the ones with severed heads...but, who am I to say???

I like this very much Jennifer ,but I must study it a little longer.

A very busy painting Jennifer so much to see and admire, great work

Très étrange et bien fait !

Great work :)))))

Love it


An awesome picture

Masterful work of art! Love the colors and angels above!

Eu gosto muito de seu trabalho!

those nether regions do look worrying

The angelic and the base, seems a reflection of modern life. a very well done reflection, I must add.

fine work, jennifer!

What a wonderful image, really well composed and very striking!! Have a great weekend

I admire your composition and the colors ! I hope, your travels in Italy ( such inspirational for your art work) was also full of pleasures in real space , between people and friends maybe , and in modern architecture :-).

This is a lovely one Jennifer. Have a great weekend

Très original et de si belles couleurs c'est bon pour le moral !

excellent et bien créé !

Belíssimas cores nesta composição!!

I do like..... Well done my friend!! Have a great new week.

Je revisite cette merveille.

Sehr interessante Concept & Malerei über das Übernaturliches ! Guten Abend !

WOW!...Another stunning painting! Beautiful work, Jennifer! Well done!

A fabulous creative process Jennifer and so beautifully presented! Marvelous colour composition and wonderfully put together too, very well done!

Another perfect and gorgeous painting my friend!! Have a great weekend!

Uw werk doet me denken over alchemie en Newton, ook Ensor komt erbij... nadenken!

you are the artist of the contrast, here between the lovely angels and the tragic scene, super !

O yes lovely as always dear!!!

Fantastic colors :)

Fantastic creation !

Awesome work

Outstanding work


I love this one. Super.

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dialogues of the dead-15th dialogue