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pastels on cardboard framed on wood

24" x 19"

comments made:

fantastic!! I love all your pastels. great colours, great "african" style!!
this blue(?)grey(?)green colour in the middle is wonderful!

awesome, jennifer!

The mask like faces are quite expressive.

like it - lots of energy and movement...

Your work deserves attention!!

Es muy interesante toda tu colección de arte. Artista!!! :)

Hi Jennifer, I love this pastel series. It is ...very true to me. Your are very imaginative, well done!

Un buen dibujo de estilo africano, me encanta tu dominio del color.

wonderful stuff.

Each and every one is so interesting and colorful! Amazing work!

life in suburbia is a sheer madness... you never disappoint with your way of seeing things.

It's fantastic, Jennifer !!

love the vivid colours, joyful and humorous to me.

Wonderful composition, Jennifer! I like it!

the faces are so expressive


LOve your original style, my friend!!!

Wonderful work Jennifer..!

Great sense of Africa and atmosphere....

love the head bongo drum


Your Art awakes my Fragility, Openness, Wounds, pressed Questions, but Strenght and Joy, too!! There is Something that I can not comprise by words....You are So Alive, Honest, Cruel, Strong, Tender, Brave! You Hit The Center!!. All my Respect to You and Your Art!! Vesna

love the vibrancy


superb color, great vision!!

Music rings !!

i love this one very much!!! It's creativity, vivid colours, tribal touch , composition! Congrats!!!


Adorable those masks.

Wonderful work, Jennifer!

Brilliant work

Beautiful art work :-D

Fabulous.. as always.

brava una bella opera

HI Jennifer ! :) Gorgeous work !!!

Good work.

Very creatively done, so expressive!

Great Work,congrats!

Beautiful Work!!

perfect !!!

Very beautiful!


The mask like faces and the giraffe like necks, definitely African. Geographically and artistically, very nicely done:)

Nice one

Wonderful warm colors and I admire your great creativity, Jennifer.

Wonderful Jennifer, This one spoke to me of someone who always wore a mask to please other people but then the time came that they no longer could hide behind the mask and wanted to be known for their true identity so the mask is put down even though this dismayed some people but they stood proud and walked in the knowledge they had found their true identity.

Really good, Jennifer !!

Lovely colourful work;))

Beautiful colors : great work

this is just so pleasing

A fabulous pastel Jennifer, brilliant and rich colours! Marvelous and creative African artwork presentation and so well done too!

fine art ... this is a great piece, jennifer!

love this


strangely wonderful scene. love the colours used.

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