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pastels on cardboard framed on wood

24" x 19"


very interesting. lot's of food for unconscious thought.

..stunning art-work!

This again is fantastic! Very interesting but accessible!

intense color, strong image.


Amazing artwork!!!

so vibrant, love it!

Instantly attracted by your use of bright colours and "intense" imagery, my love of surrealism and anyone who expresses themselves through art and leaves the viewer wanting to know so much about it's content and that which is not visible.

A greAt artwork my friend!!!

strong folk/tribal look anna feel !! luv da expressions !! communal...great style !!...yer a great Artist !!

the nosy neighbours are scared.

I just flipped thru 5-6 of your works and guess what ..they are really spectacular!

I like this so much. I like your creativity in your art - colors, emotions and the way you put it all together. Impressive.

you convey and depict the inner turmoil of man so well. pastels are an amazing medium and you use them to their potential with vibrancy and never dull washed out color.

Jennifer, I like the way you create ... there is such movement and feeling in your works / colors, fantastic.... moods and scenes .. congratulations on the freedom you take advantage of in your work !!!! an awesome array .....

It's very nice,,,!

Your works become familiar to me..!! Wonderful!

beautifully framed & composed.

Fabuloso colorido, parece más acrílico que pastel.

Beautiful !!

Lovely work. Have a good day.....


This is stunning

.you make lovely work!!

Beautiful painting, love the colours!

Wonderful strong colours Jennifer.

I like the way the flowing hair links the two halves of this painting

i do like looking through your Art work ....Its Awesome...Stunnin' pastel work :)

Great! Very expressive!

Love it!

excellent work!! ;-)

Beautiful work and picture !

Great art, Jennifer. As ever... Hugs!

Hi Jennifer my dear, I immediatly thought about a history of first woman, Lilith, and her rebellion ...Sorry, but I feel this and I'm happy to rember this through your wonderful work of art:-))) thanks. kisses and have a good week end. antonella


Great series! Haunting and beautiful!!

Another utterly fabulous piece of art.

I love this natural human being painting...

So haunting and impressive again! like before a 'threatening' initiation....

Like many others, I like it.

Fantastic, outside the edge and around the corner!!!!!!

tribal angst

Jennifer-do you ever sleep? You are soooo Creative!! :-)

..you make lovely work!!

Nice pastel work

A lot of emotions...fantastic art work, Jennifer!

J'aime le mélange des couleurs mais moins les seins pendants : -) ce qui ne m'empêche pas d'apprécier ton excellent travail !!!!

Terrific work Jennifer, your art certainly does speak a thousand words

A little terror, a lot of colors and shapes...and another masterpiece!

Great work ... nice to see, Jennifer !!

Their attention, their gaze, is directed at the viewer. Whatever approaches - that they are afraid of - comes with us... or is us :-) Great work, Jennifer.

I still find a flow with this Jennifer, a connection through the scene and the main figures, a re-assuring flow. The centre is calm, the centre holds....

Fabulosas cores nesta excelente imagem!!

Amazing work!

superbe Jennifer *** j'aime beaucoup !

Hi Jennifer, This is a real eye catcher, love the composition and the colours, Nice work,

Great work

The colors are fantastic !!! Really LOVE this one, Jennifer ! ******

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