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pastels on cardboard framed on wood

24" x 19"

comments made:

Your work is stupendous!!!

Amazing! The snake is fantastic!--Love the contrasting shapes and colors of the background!

...your tribal is very interesting!...very nice work!

wonderful. i love your art!!!!!!

A fun work.

Excelente arte! ~~~~


Hand in front of mouth that talk a lot to me. Someone who don't wanna see u talking about but the eyes can talk and so many others things too.

Love this piece. I like the mystery of it. Love the pink and yellow bent guy and the fins above him.

Love your originality.

I gotta admit, I'm not usually drawn to this genre but man alive THIS ROCKS! I love it.

Beautiful work my friend :-))

It's good to visit and look at your artwork!

Fantastic inspiratiOn!!!

Simple saturated shapes make this a happy place! Smiles to you!

i love this one , jennifer!

This is truly amazing Jennifer..


Oh, so strong!!!



Rich & vibrant.


Where do you get your inspiration from....your mind must buzz with images, thoughts & ideas. This is superb, Jennifer. Best wishes for this weekend....

Excellent color.


Só com o coração azul

Unique Art ..bravo !!

an unspeakable death wish or dirty wish? :)

hello jennifer!! beautiful colors and pattern!!

Great composition, fantastic expressive colors!

Each image is so fascinating and deals with so many honest emotions, Great work!

Impressive Art Work !

One of my favorites so far. I love the bright and complementary color choices and the overall composition. Hope you are well.

great this one!!!!!!

My compliments! All the best, Sveta

Rich & vibrant.


The character may be mum, but I won't. Excellent color. And I can empathize with the seemingly hollow head:)

Hi Jennifer , nice one

Many a time i have had to hide my wicked grin.

I think that this is a genial conceptual !

Hello Jennifer, lovely and colourful work:)

my second view here...always seeing something new

Excellent, strong creation , as always by YOU, my dear friend !!! Have a happy weekend,yes , !!!! :-)

Superbe création aux belles couleurs !

sometimes it can be painful to suppress laughter...or..

Amazing work, Jennifer!

A fabulous array of bright pastel colours on this one Jennifer! Awesome creative artwork and such a wonderful composition and presentation too! Beautiful work!

Terrific vibrant pastel!

Love the snake theme, Jennifer. The two-headed snake passing through this man's eyes - or in front of them, or behind them... so that one is not surprised that a hand (looks like a woman's) is clamped over his mouth: I expect snakes to slither out from between his fingers at any moment! The smaller figures appear to be female - not anatomically, but in essence. There are three of them, all with different expressions. The two snake heads emerging from his mind are directing their attention to two of these smaller figures. Meanwhile sharks circle on a green lawn or in a green sea in the background. Menacing, but ambiguous. So dreamlike. Wonderful stuff, great work!

Fantastic image Jennifer

fantastic creation!

Great image, Jennifer! Truly wonderful work!

I really like this one!!

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pastel 22

I like it, its great!

Simple saturated shapes make this a happy place! Smiles to you!

i love this one , jennifer!

Oh, so strong!!! Love Your Way!!

super cool :)


.this is awesomeness.......

great this one!!!!!!

My compliments! All the best, Sveta

Amazing work, Jennifer!