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pastels on cardboard framed on wood

24" x 19"

comments made:

Good strong visual--fantastic color!

I like this piece. I am particularily drawn to the mask like figure in the lower right...powerful.

Jennifer, you work reminds me so much of what one sees in Mexico. You use strong color and images that are so common in that type of art.

The stories portrayed by your work are worth repeated visits. Thank you!

I like how your lines make everything so flat, but your shading gives depth.

fabulous Jen!!!

nice jennifer

...a moment of love!..nice!

truly wild... love conquers all :)

looking at this beautiful piece

I like this one, that grimacing kiss is amazing.

very nice.


your website is a fantastic dialog. so much freedom of interpretation. so much impression to feel

Great :-D

Excellent piece!

I really like this. :)

Wonderful, as usual!

Hi Jennifer. It's always good to visit your work!

I love this one best so far of your Groovy pastel work jennifer!!! Awesome stuff!!....Groovyal


Your color combination is very pleasing and the composition is well balanced. Whatever is happening here, there is much to contemplate.

Another awesome pastel !!!

You made this wonderful art? This is so creative, colorful and filled with energy. I am happy to have seen it.

Great Work Jennifer !!! Top Art !!!

love it, Jennifer! Enjoy the weekend!

Touching exploring fears, hopeless recognized by fears, inner too. All we connected by them. Strong connection

Bonito trabajo

Seems about love and the snail... great work!

Really nice work

Un trabajo excepcional, me gusta, saludos que tengas una buena semana

I can image that the title is: LOVE


Terrific. Love your work Jennifer.

Love and warmth.....flowing hugs and loving expression....

Nice color palette and composition

Those teeth whitening products really do work! A great scene you have created here.

Love and happiness

upbeat and happiness...one of my faves (so far)


one painting 4 hearts :) genial as always Jennifer !


Beautiful work!

An amazing picture

Great artwork and color

Love and disappointment - the tear is superb Jennifer. I also see jealousy (the snake) of the happy couples...

Outstanding masterpiece! Love the kissing and atmosphere of love!

Fabulosa composição!!

great work *** I Like it !

Amazing and wonderful work, Jennifer :) *****

It MUST be love...great artwork

Very good indeed ! *****Have a nice week end, Jennifer.

Awesome rich interlocking colours to this fabulous painting, Jennifer! Very creative artwork and superb textures! Beautifully presented too!

Great image Jennifer!

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