portfolio > pastels

pastels on cardboard framed on wood

24" x 19"

on exhibition:

torpedo factory art center
105 n. union st.
alexandria, virginia
31 october-4november 2009

comments made:

The blue period pieces are favorites~~soul movers!

I love your wild and crazy pastels!

Intense and Brilliant!!

like this - especially the character running away and looking back....

Original, fresh, free and very well balanced, love your images and strong point of view. Great pieces.

Cuanto me alegro que por fin compartas tus cuadros...Felicidades es un gran trabajo y enhorabuena por la exposición, ya me contarás ...Saludos

Blue period. that's fun Jennifer, Great effect!

Oh nice! One of my faves so far but its so hard to choose just one. These blues are so vibrant.

Watching to your art again i say to myself it seems to be like a dark empire, but maybe i'm just talking to myself.

I love your work.Your colours are amazing!A real joy!

amazing composition, color and clarity - beautiful image

Very cool indeed!

what an agitated conversation piece... all is well that ends well.

Hello Jennifer!!! Nice composition!!!!

I love it!

So unique!

Great work!! Brava!!!

This kinda how I feel today..TEE-HEE!

excellent work..like all the rest

like Manga;)

Interesting work, very creative!

I always enjoy your prolific output, Jennifer.

Beautiful work!!

Fabulosa toma, saludos

Fabulous, as always, my friend.

Very cool art!

Blue-purple tones.. that´s a bit different if I am not mistaking.. wonderful!

Wonderful artwork my friend.Well Done.

Fabulous !!!

wonderful art

Wow.. absolutely love this, so beautiful and dynamic.

Amazing Talents ! Impressive Art Work !

Muito boas cores nesta execução!!! Parabéns.

Hella cool.

Morning Jennifer. Love this.

Le personnage central doit se sentir seul et mal aimé ! :-)

Nice one Jennifer

genial conceptual, great artwork !

As always, an amazing cast of characters, and I love the blue and red color scheme.

great flow from anger to jocular...and back...splendid work

superb creation!

Fantastic work ... nice to see, Jennifer !!

the finger through the eye turning itself into the eye...amaaaaaaaazing!

Another fine piece, Jennifer!

it deserves a second look !

Phenomenal pastel and congrats on your exhibit!

Always so creative and amazing, Jennifer! Happy Sunday, my friend!

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