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pastels on cardboard framed on wood

24" x 19"

comments made:

Wonderful use of colors and composition.

interesting work with a lively composition. the details have so much to offer.

An original style!!!

scary fun

Hi Jennifer, I love the colors you used and the way you paint .. Congratulations

Nice details on this one! I like the hair and eyebrows on the woman in the center. I also like how there seems to be more going on in this one compared to your other pastels in this series--the person standing on the head and the aura around the central female. It also looks like that woman is pinching her skin in her left hand. Nice touch.

Hi Jennifer - very nice; I like the graphic elements in the background a lot. If I had to interpret the image, it seems as if the central figure is surrounded by dream figures; the color scheme (natural w/ gray background for the central figure; blue and fanciful colors for the dream figures) helps draw the distinction. Or am I completely off base? ;-)

love it jennifer!!


Hey Jennifer -- first, this picture has a lot of "pow!" The central figure is very strong and the surprise blue man in the lower left hand corner is scary.

There's something about the background. You have that wild background, which I like a lot, but you put the central figure against plain gray and I can see no good artistic reason for this. The background doesn't detract from the other figures, it should not detract from the central figure. The central figure and the one immediately to our left and blue man in the corner are essential. Nobody else is; they are isolated. I'm also not sure if your central figure's peach outlines don't look consistent with your light, and not in a deliberate fashion.

spaced out picnic

intriguing :)

Hi Jennifer. I absolutely love this piece of art.
I look at art and see myself in some pieces and this is one of them. I see my life. The woman in the center is me, who I have become. A tortured soul. Beaten and abused. The smaller women are who I was or still are a part of me, naive, a bit scared, inquisitive, and happy. The man in the corner is a man who's head looks serene and fine but the man on top shows who he really is. An abusive man who can hide it well. There is a darkness surrounding me. He left with my innocence and took the beauty with him. That is all of the color and beautiful art in the background surrounding him and my earlier selves.
The woman in the center is me. I have become strong because of this and have grown and now roar!!! This is just my interpretation of your beautiful painting.

I want to tell you that I am not a critic in any way and do not know if there are really critics of peoples artwork but for someone to tell you that your art should be altered in any way is to say thay it is not yours. They want it to be thiers. Your art is yours and should not be changed to please anyone but you. I do not agree with the comment above. There will always probably be someone that would say you should do this or do that and that would just make it thiers!! I think that was disrespectful of your talent as an artist. You made it this way for your own reasons and I am so happy that you did. There will never be another quite like this and it is a pleasure to have seen this with my eyes and heart. I hope you have a wonderful art show. I love your t-shirt♥ You are a beautiful woman.

Your work is always splendid!

Alive and rich!!

cool !

Love your pastel, excellent painting as always!! Have a wonderful weekend my dear, hugs from cold Munich!!

Beautiful image..!! Dagma. :))

Incredible emotion. Love the perspective.

So much talent !!!

Lovely art, Jennifer.

It's an impressive and powerful work of art!



Great work Jennifer!! :o)


hi Jennifer!! love this original and awesome art !!!!!


Un trabajo sensacional, saludos que tengas una buena semana

This looks gorgeous

Schön, Beautiful! I like it very much!

loving, among other things, your choice of color intensity

Another fine creative burst from you

Terrific painting!

Great composition. Love the central figure.

Now, this is magical cardboard recycling! A wonderful blend of colors and wild, thought provoking characters.

Excellent tones here Jennifer.

Really good Jennifer!!

as usual, the more I look, the more I see...congrats...and, have a nice weekend

A lovely range of pastels Jennifer and such a fierce looking mask on this Goddess too! Very rich in both colours and creativity! Very well done!

Love the strong colours and the composition, nice work Jennifer

great work


Always so extraordinary, Jennifer! Fantastic!

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