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water soluble pastels on cardboard framed on wood

24" x 18"

on exhibition at:

gallery west
1213 King Street
Alexandria, Virginia 22314
3-28 february 28, 2010

55 M St.
Washington, DC, S.E.
29 may-5 July, 2009

comments made:


this one is great, too, jennifer. looking forward to seeing the rest!!!

Really am liking your work!

Beautiful & an interesting composition. I really like your 'earthy' palette too.

Very, very nice ...love it !!!!!!!

keep up the good work. seems like a new palette for you more browns.

The greens / blue greens are incredible. This one to me is an excellent marriage of your colors / texture and images. I feel the spirits ..

great work

love those green guys!


I like your pastels jennifer. Champagne for the new year and a lot of love and health for you and yours

lovely colors.


Beautiful dear friend

this is great. love the colors and topic

This certainly works for me. The colours are eye catching. The piece has an energy. It's great when we try something and we are surprised by how it has turned out. You should like it - it really has something.


Beautiful!! Excellent work!!!!


It's Wonderful !! Your Pastel Serie looks (for me) more Ethnicals !! But still Amazing !!!

Hug my dear Jennifer!! I am thinking about You with smiled Heart. :-)

Love it still!!!! Happy Halloween Jennifer!!!! : - )

I like the color very much and the mixture of emotions, much like real life. The happy always is balanced with some sad, mad, bad. :~)

Hi Jennifer, love it!

Beautiful work my friend.

Absolutely awesome


Nice painting serie!

Belle réalisation !!

This looks amazing

You are unique, Jennifer. Love it!

Fantastic image.

Mysterious and beautiful! I like the colours and composition very much too! A nice weekend for you as well, Jennifer.

Striking work and intriguing expressions here, Jennifer.

Love this. Especially the strong colours.

fine work, jennifer ... wishing you a wonderful weekend, as well!

More fine work, always visually exciting and so full of detail (like rereading a favourite book, always something new to see & feel). Happy weekend..:))

Enjoyed again - best wishes..:))

excellent !!!

Gute Arbeit!

Wonderful work Jennifer, I see her a strong women who has come through quite a bit of rejection and hurts but these have only made her more stronger.

Outstanding painting!


spirits are sad ? great composition in this artwork !

A colorful view into the invisible world. Who needs a canvas when there are other great things to paint on...like cardboard!

superb !!!

Tremendous work love the pastels

Wonderful art my friend,i do love your work So much!

great work!

Suggestive indeed and wonderful colors!

Really good :) :)

Fabulous rich colours and superb composition on this pastel painting, very creative and so well presented too!

Good work and composition Jennifer !

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pastel 4: spirits