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55 M St.
Washington, DC, S.E.
29 may-5 July, 2009

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love, love , love it!!!

i really like that you sometimes work on cardboard. it has a great texture that makes for an interesting surface quality. this is an excellent pastel.

most interesting and ardently so.

Hi Jennifer-
I like this piece - the ambivalent mix of dark and light

Fabulously allegorical!!!

Muy lindo!

Very expressive work. I think I know the feeling.

Truly amazing, fantastic work as always! :-D. Phil.

jennifer ..It's an excellent,,,,!

this is an excellent piece. i love your signature elements as you described your cast of characters, especially the hands :-) keep up the fantastic work!!

My best wooooOOOow!!!

Great imagination -- very lovely! Bravo!!

.your imagination is always wild!

Eccellente, Jennifer. Ciao

I like this one very much! The deeper colors have an intensity which the lighter colors( of pastel 2) lack. In my humble view, what makes your art fabulous is that, to my eye at least, it is absorbingly intense but with a touch of whimsy.

Hi Jennifer,i like very much your new pastel series.
The combination of colors is just great.

jennifer, congratulations!!! how exciting. the year is off to a great start!

amazing painting!!

the darker colors capture the essence of your other works.

raw would be the word, and the cardboard complements your vision.

Talking about wild women...your imagination is always wild!

Great to see.

nice work

WoooooooooooooW!!! Love these blues!

the unconscious like Jung

all my favorite blues!

Always very original my dear, Beautiful this blue...ciao antonella

Wonderful, as always!

missed this one..love the colors


Good morning, my dear Jennifer!! A lot of strong Feeling this picture invite!!!
And following Thoughts that I will try to pack into Words. Primal is Feeling!!!
Your Colors are Pure and Primal!! Always, but always I Feel Love for Life, does not matter how deep (and You go Deep) go. It s because of Your Big Heart capable to Hug Life. ALL Life. All Its Sides! It is Rare. It is easier to avoid and close the eyes, Heart too.
Open Heart feels more and pains more. It is the Balance issue:-).Here are more levels.
It s about Evil, Fear, Giving Up, Goodness...All tough questions!!
Pureness of Inner us depends of Our Strenght and how we face and fight our Inner Poison that attack from inside, and how we fight with Poison from Outside!!.
How much we will be damaged After, it is the question?!?
(it could be after personal dramas, it could be after the wars, if could be how we accept Universal Injustice...., so many, many Questions Your Art is inviting )
Jennifer, I MUST tell You again, I ADMIRE Your Way. Big HUG, my Dear Friend!! Vesna

Enjoy the Day!!! Big Hug across the Ocean!! From far but close place!! :-)

think I prefer the ones with colder colours, like this one...seems to fit the themes well

superb ... as usual.

how a strong image!!! great!

Love the work Jennifer!! Great going with the pastels! Congratulations on the Sales!!! Well deserved! Hugs; Philip.

Very Nice Jennifer excellent

powerful stuff, jennifer . . .

This makes me think of when there are too many people chattering around me and I want to yell "leave me alone and shut up".

Your artwork is always so orginal and thought-provoking...

This looks so cool Jennifer

Remarkable work and exquisite colours, Jennifer. Very nice but I haven't seen much of your work in blues before. This one is distinctive. these subjects look like they may have some things, unpleasant, on their minds. Not only the blues and greys but that snake -- perhaps thru and not behind the lady's head -- is also a hint.

Wonderful. Love your choice of colours.

Symbolic in blue...d . ~~>* §



wonderful, I love the style you paint.

Beautiful Art as always Jennifer ,

Excellent work Jennifer, here I see a soul searching time when there are bad influences circling our environment but we do not let them in, also we see where any guidance is available from the slightly open hand but there again it may only be limited advice.

The horrors and Bad vibes flow on relentlessly.....stoicism and a belief in oneself is the only way forward....I sense the passivity as those bad vibes pass through, seated and almost relaxed in that pose (save for Brow and Mouth). To me it is a "waiting time" for those snakelike emotions to pass, and then move forward. So yes, positive and you could say Cheerful, as all things pass. Some might say one needs darker moments to fully appreciate the light!! (I'm not sure about that, myself. I think an equilibrium suits my nature more....a more placid drift through, with quiet harmony....)

Another winner! Hope you are well.

Great work Jennifer ,

Your work never leaves indifferent, Jennifer...impressive and I like the blue tones.

An outstanding piece of work Jennifer and superb creativity!!

fantastic ... love the colors in this piece!

Good use of colour, unusual compared to most your other art. Does stand out well. Lovely:)

Great work, I like the idea, I like the colours

Great image!

so much of your work reminds me of what I see as the Garden of Eden...the snake gets me started in in that direction of interpretation...blue is beautiful

So beautiful image,,, it´s an excellent work ¡¡¡

One of your best Jennifer

Jennifer, your work always amazes me!! Wishing you a wonderful weekend, my friend!

A very creative pastel, Jennifer, a fabulous use of lighter pastel colours and rich ones too! A well balanced painting and a very interesting presentation! Such wonderful composition!

one of my favorites that you have posted. great art !!!

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