portfolio > pastels

pastels on cardboard framed on wood

24" x 19"

on exhibition at:

55 M St.
Washington, DC, S.E.
29 may-5 July, 2009

comments made:

Nice work ! Congratulations !

POW! Cool colors and acid dreams! KUDOS!

great faces and colours!

Impactante y atrevida como siempre.

I love this pastel. It kind of captures how my head and heart felt last week!

You have worked so hard on these..and with marvelous results they are breathtaking.. you desrve all the kudos and congrats on your sale!!!

The angry faces and those who don't understand,plead or are just confused...
It probably isn't even their fault but those in Power.

a lot of your images are filled with an existential angst. neighbourhood stories? I used "neighbourhood" because this work has a child's perspective in it... like some kind of overbearing presence of the everyday crowd - people in the street, family, people on TV, friends, foes and... neighbours. You might be happy but these images are not, which is interesting.

Jennifer, that one is very expressive figure, you should give it a title...

very cool, very Picasso-esque!

Besos, buen finde

i particularly like the worried guy in the upper left corner :)

Yes, our epoch seem like these.

As usual, great colors, emotions and energy!

this is very powerful!


i already commented on this one, but i like this one a lot..so i will again!!

Wow !!

..always interesting! powerfull colors!

wonderful colors and I personally love pastels. Great work

Wow, Jennifer, they are very angry!!! Excellent one.

love your art,greetings


that is a powerful piece Jennifer

Wonderful work ... very, very nice, Jennifer !!

this is extraordinary Jennifer...

Colorful, Strong Bloody Life!! And we with all our nuances accepting/fighting trying to life Life like that, all expressed strong and so emotional in Your Unique Way!!
You have been going far, honesty and deep, passing the border of Safety.
Unsafe Side could be chosen, but in the most cases it is Side that chose.
it is the man but also it is about Translation, real Translation, but Inner Translation and Interaction between Words, Thoughts, Emotions. All Beauty and Disaster in their Intertwining. I am very interested into Words. ( You can notice :-).Enjoy the Moment!!

Congrats, Jennifer on your sales...!

Love this one!!! you should put them in series and write a story

Great & Beautiful Painting !!!


Hello, my dear Jennifer!! :-) Hug to You from far away but at the same time close place!

Scary but very inventive!

Maravilhosamente belo e impressionante. Abraço Jennifer

You have such great, colorful figures. I like the one at the top wrapping around the middle one with green eyes.

Great work..!!!

Angry face...uh oh...

this one rocks..!!!

Very beautiful!!

I can always tell it's you.

Just so amazing as usual , have a great Friday , jennifer . :))))))))))

Extra ordinary emotions shown here

Just wonderful!

Great expressions/emotions!!

Terrific composition Jennifer.

Its a scary but colorful world out there. The cardboard adds a great texture.

If there was art to capture a hard day. This is it. Love it.

love it !!!

Looks like a lot of anger to me, with worried and frightened people looking on.

Impressive pastel, Jennifer !

another beautiful creation Jennifer .

Excellent work Jennifer, it gives out encouragement to have Faith And Hope.


love it!!

Really good!!!!!!!

I love the texture of the cardboard coming through...and, of course all the emotion(s) in the eye(s)

Simply awesome Jennifer!!

It's just wonderful how you work and play with colors and expressions. I wish you a very pleasant and sunny spring day, dear Jennifer.

such a range of expressions.

Impressive painting !

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