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exhibited at:

Artomatic 2008
Washington, DC
9 May– 15 June 2008

comments made:

You're a wonderful artist, I love your paintings:))

Wow, somebody got a band-aid! I love it!!!

Terrifying and wonderful.


don`t like blood, but it catched my eyes

stirring vision

amazing..demands the viewer engage in your story..

por favor niños callaros que vuestra madre tiene que disfrutar

...tour de force...

Wonderful...love it !!!!!

Very powerful, complex on so many levels. This resonates, Jennifer.

Love the expression on the woman's face as if to say "You kicking off again". brilliant Jennifer.

I like your work very much :)

A powerful image with a touch of humour I think.

The lady thinks: "Now where did I put my umbrella again?" :-) Fantastic creation, Jennifer...I love this series.

Fabulous artwork and beautifully presented, Jennifer! Marvelous colour composition and wonderful creativity too, very well done!

exceptional image...the red really brings out an emotive element...strong

Admired again...fascinating to observe my own thoughts while looking at your works ;-)

Impressive image!

Amazing work ... powerful image, Jennifer !!

ominous...and compelling...great black and red balance

Ein wirklich bluttriefendes Werk, da werde ich sicher noch einige Alpträume bekommen, es gefällt mir trotzdem ;-)))))))

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blood series 4
acrylic paint on wood
24" x 24"