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exhibited at:

Artomatic 2008
Washington, DC
9 May– 15 June 2008

comments made:

I think you really have it goin' on with this 'Blood' series...awesome!

Very cool!

I like the colors and the movements....i love this pic ...the blood is very interesting. congratulations!!! your work is very very nice

ewww,so cool!!

jennifer, this is a very strong series!

Very strong image and thought provoking...great work!

Fantastic work! Really expressive! Congratulations, Jennifer!

amazing work as always, love the bright red!
in the back of my mind I can hear that nursery rhyme - ring a ring of roses,
a pocketful of posies ... :-)

I looked at your Blood Series art. I picked this one as my favorite from them all. I can relate to this one more than the others.
I have a hidden side to myself that most people I know do not want to deal with which is why it is mostly kept hidden. This has a lot of representation of that part of me. I love the hands and the dancers. And of course it is your work and it is beautiful.
I love this piece.

Another amazing piece Jennifer

il girotondo dei bimbi intorno a una bambola sotto una pioggia di sangue è una scena piena di pathos, complimenti !

Bloody good work! (Sorry, I've been outside in subzero weather and my blood runneth cold...)

I like the expression "bloody good work" for this :-) fantastic series, Jennifer!

Still liking it and admired again. Hope you enjoy the weekend, Jennifer.

the red and black series is one I could look at forever...


Very creative artwork Jennifer, a fabulous acrylic painting! I hope you had marvelous exhibits with your series too!

Fantastic painting Jennifer!

This is not "ZEN ART " ;-) Excellent imagination and painting

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blood series 6
mixed media:acrylic paint on wood, found objects, doll, cloth flowers, cloth, handmade coffin
24" x 24"