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exhibited at:

Artomatic 2008
Washington, DC
9 May– 15 June 2008

comments made:

Cruel Bloody Honest!! Nude Honest!!. Brave Exposed!!! Rage and Helpless... Fear...Deeply Disturbing... You don't play on the edges, You pass them!!
Jeniffer, You are Strong, Brave and So Emotional Artist. It is a treasure to meet You. Hug and Respect! Vesna


Ok Jennifer so let's talk about all that blood... What's the meaning?


superb !!!



odias a los que oprimen y no dejan dar opiniones diferentes y nuevas.

Cool Jennifer, you are really great. Have my compliments

Terrivelmente bem executado!!!

Excellent work Jennifer, I can relate to the expressions of two of your figures, the woman on the right is me thinking, get me out of here, and the one in the middle is me thinking, oh no what have I said.


Creativity abounds once again!

:))) admired again ...as you exteriorize a lot you might be better off than those who keep everything inside and unconscious. As I did some shadow work I have met some really strange folks inside of me which took away the urge to judge others :o))

Beeindruckendes malerisches Kunstwerk Jennnifer ! LG Christine

love this one!

I love all of your blood dripping series

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blood series 5
acrylic paint on wood
24" x 24"