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water soluble pastels on cardboard framed on wood


beautiful layout and display of colors. great concept

Wonderful Jennifer, I see something defeatest about the cental character.

Love, love, love it !

always great!

Good vibe compo

Dramatic ... Love the colors and the mood!

love the colors.

very nice art!!

super colours


Hug across the Ocean!! :-)


wow! beautiful and hot !!!!

fantastica !!! un saludo y buen sabado

Hello my friend! Hope all is well!! Great painting!

Bonita captura, saludos

Great work!

Love the intense colors!

Beautiful Painting !!!

Arte inteligente O genial, ES un GRAN trabajo!!!
Enhorabuena!!! Mirando todo...me encanta SU modo de expresarlo............ Saludos para ti, desde Mallorca, "JAUME

I love your ideas !

..interestiong composition, as always!

bonjour ma chère

This is fantastic, magnificent, love your paintings!!

knockout, J!

baci jennifer...anto

fantastica !!! un saludo y buena semana

Beau travail!


Adorable et Jolie. J' Aime beaucoup. Domi.

Its magic! Good work, I like it!!

Genial !!!!


big big WOW!!!

Superb work. Ken

great color!!

I love the artwork and the colors, Jennifer...!

So very expressive!!

mpresionante...me encanta tu galeria, esta ¡GENIAL!

Wow what a beautiful colours !

Okay...so this keeps capturing my eye.

Fantastic work..

Beautiful piece of art Jennifer :-D

Great work, Jennifer!!

your work is so impressive!

Love it!!!!

i love the expressed emotion here.

buena obra de arte-

Your work is thrilling.

great colors and expressions!

Wonderful! Bravo!

WONDERFUL! But then I always love your artwork.....


Love your creative art.

nice so nice a painting, Jennifer!!!

I especially like this one. Love the facial expressions!

Expressive, with a range of emotions (which you always portray so well)

Awesome work !!

beautiful colors in your strong art !

Beautiful colour work,

wonderful !

ever excellent !!!

Lovely colors as always...a thoughtful work... greetings to you, Jennifer!

The magic of colourful creativity!

I love your ideas !

Amazing work!!

..interestiong composition, as always!

bonjour ma chère


baci jennifer...anto

Amazing colors.

fantastica !!! un saludo y buena semana


Simplesmente exótico e Divino. Linda Obra de Arte

Excellent composition! Bavo!!!

Wonderful work, I think it is a study of relationships, pushing and pulling
Happy holidays to you and best regards, Lisa

happy new year. this is still a favorite!

This had escaped me: very intense!!!

A magnificent painting

All parts of the Self for sure - aiding itself and worrying and showing self-care and care and partial ache in the face ... Indeed it's a portrait of the Self in the passing spasms of culture ....

always wonderfully mysterious ... love the color in this painting!

The expressions are just wonderful....motherhood in One Image...!

I see here Jennifer the anxiety we feel when letting go on new ventures, they are new and young but then we get that inner feeling oh my what have I done, then our siblings re-assure us that whatever happens they are there for us and finally our mother figure telling us that wherever it leads us she is always there to support us.......Thanks for sharing this with us.

Another frame full of interest and color. I particularly like the passionate pink in this beautiful painting.

Amazing work Jennifer !!!!

very creative looks like tormented souls wailing and the one on left is god saying you should have listened.

very bold!

Terrific art Jennifer

Fantastic Art again Jennifer....brilliant


I'm loving the simplicity in the presentation of an extremely complex and multi-level image



exceptional color...love this a lot

Amazing work, Jennifer!

great work, jennifer ... love the color and composition in this creation!

Very, very good indeed !

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