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Fun House Gallery
Russell Industrial Center
1600 Clay Street
Detroit, Michigan 48211
20 August-1 October 2011

comments made:

your work is so reflective of your stunning ability to stay true to the "raw vision". a beautiful gift dear jennifer..

wow....simply amazing

I love your work! Your style is delightful in its playfully macabre way.

Wonderful work, very original. You are really an artist.

just found you, what a wonderful inspiring art, I love it!!

very unique artwork and colors

What a beautiful artwork!

Great work !!

That is a beautiful painting. Great colors as well

sooooo cool..you are great..never boring

Powerful and intriguing work!

Great composition, Jennifer! An excellent symbol of life.

Your work is always fascinating.


Genial mi querida amiga

This is so awesome!

Stunning and original

greetings from Cape Town!

Brilhante Obra-Prima. Sua arte Jennifer é Divina. Maravilhosos trabalhos

Fantastic! the emotion that comes from your work is so amazing.

Your work is always fascinating.

Great composition, Jennifer! An excellent symbol of life.

Amazing art !!!

This is so awesome!

Stunning and original

Your a master at presenting terror in cheerful color, no small accomplishment.

the tip of the food chain and its peace -very inspirierent!


Make me think to those small fishes who get in shark's mouth to clean their teeth!
So i mean you could call it "Life is a shark's mouth"

I like it very much. Shades of Miro.

Your approach and execution is quite unique. Disturbing as they ought to be! a little warning from a fellow artist, don't get caught as I did over twenty years ago, they can really become addictive and will play tricks on you!

this pastel--All Consuming.

Wow! I love this!

Really cool!

wow....simply amazing

Wonderful work, very original. You are really an artist. Antonella

Congratulations, your work is original and very expecional. good luck

Felicidades! tus dibujos pastel son originales llenos de colorido! saludos desde Barcelona. Cris.

Wonderful imaginative artwork!

Your work is very intriguing.

Interesting composition, I especially like the repeated diagonal faces. Your style uniquely yours! (I think this important).

it's been a great year, with great art like this. Happy New Year.

Great one.

i didn't have that in mind, although of course the interpretation is open to the viewer.
if it is god...then what else do you see for the rest? i'd love to hear.

I love your work! So very wonderful and original!!!

Jennifer, looks very original ... I am not very familiar with it ... is it about losing one's head ?

Love it!

You make art !

I appreciate your work, your universe !

love the face on the center mage.. so emotional... and the rolling marble fantastic work.. as usual!



Great !

Your work is always fascinating.

Great composition, Jennifer! An excellent symbol of life.

Love this one.


It's a very thought-provoking, powerful work!
All the contrasts of vivid and more decent colour, of devouring and being devoured, of activity and passivity, of being present and of ignoring appeal to me ...

This is a very provocative piece, Jennifer!!

LOvely work, Jennifer!!!

Amazing art !!!

Very Nice Exzcellent my friend Jennifer.

Excellent art work!

terrific mythic qualities.

Extraordinary work.

Part of the food chain. great!

This is nicely done. Darrell

Una trabajo fascinante, saludos y Feliz Navidad

Awesome but would hate to be the person on the right. lol

Very nice work. You are so talented!


Emotional image, visually outstanding

Fantastic work!

Deliciously dark!

Terrifiant.....mais j' adore!!!

the law of the jungle!

Very emotional piece of work Jennifer, I see here the cry for help and by some it is give, while being exploited by others, tremendous work

Fantastic artwork.

Amazing work

very powerful image!


me fait un peu peur ! se faire happer la tête par un cannibale mdr ! bien réalisé ! bravo !
Merci et belle journée jennifer ! bisous

Fantastic Art Jennifer but a bit scary too...brilliant

Fascinating, as always Jennifer! Fab work!

I LOVE faces...especially when they are presented in such an artistic manner

Great work!!

Many years ago a girlfriend said to me, "I wonder what it would feel like to get your head bitten off..." I think this piece gives us some clues. Personally, I'm sure it would turn me yellow and green and stretch my neck to unimaginable lengths. A lovely scene, Jennifer, full of feeling!

Great work!

Amazing Artwork again Jennifer......yes if I was naughty as a child my Mum used to bite my head off for any little thing...

Magnífico e sensível. Abraço

great work !!!

I love the order in your chaos

So amazing, Jennifer!

Excellent pastel !

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