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art space gallery
750 center street
herndon, va.
16 february-11 march, 2012

Fun House Gallery
Russell Industrial Center
1600 Clay Street
Detroit, Michigan 48211
20 August-1 October 2011


Jennifer, your work always inspires me... I stare at it for minutes... and study it and always get something out of it - even if it's a different message from what you are saying... but I always learn something. This is an intriguing piece because it is so historical - at least I think it is... and it makes me happy in that there is so much spirituality, intrigue, mystery, color and message in there. I agree, hope, faith, positvely going forward, and then love. You always go forward, Jennifer, and it seems you have tremendous strength of character. You are a prize.

Eres muy creativa y me encanta la forma de defender lo que haces . Bella galería.

Great work Jennifer! Love it

Paradise on the Earth!!!
Tears are always the same, even green!!
Fear, Evil, Hopeless, too!!
But Love!! Hug to You my Friend with a Big Heart to hug The World like it is, to accept and Love It!!! and give Warmth, Colors and share Your Beauty!!

love this piece..like the rest, saludos


Great artwork Jennifer ! Hugs from France, Anne

fantastica !!=) un saludo y buena semana

As cores, a riqueza de expressões e movimentos, demonstram a necessidade do mundo se interligar e se respeitar apesar das divergências .Cada um ocupando seu espaço.
Parabéns pela mensagem de paz e criatividade!

fantastic layout, colors and composition

Your work is very strong with strong feelings! I like it!


Bella composizione !


fantastiche le tue creazioni

Beautiful colors and thought provoking...as always...greetings from Berlin, Jennifer!!

Eres muy creativa y me encanta la forma de defender lo que haces . Bella galería.

Very nice....Awesome work.....

fantastic colours

nice :)

When i scroll through your work im amazed to see, your creativity never stops! Beautiful work!! You'r a real Artist ;)) forgive my bad english

pesce.. >:) love it. hope you are well Jennifer

Gorgeous colors and beautiful, strong shapes.

Very bold & unique artwork.


un trabajo muy original. me encanta el tratamiento del color

very beautiful !!!

Love it!!


Molto bella !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fantastic work!

Magnifica toma, saludos

Excellent piece of art!!!

Congratulations on the superb work Ken

Very nice

HellOOOOooOOOOo, Jennifer!!!

Love your work so much Jennifer

Powerful and haunting!!!

Excellent work Jennifer:))

a very strong image. seems that the people are the silent ones, while the fish talk.

Definitely "out of the box" - love it!!

I'm back to this one to wish you a happy day ! Hugs

I like this one - have seen it before - but every one of your creations is a self journey - evidently for you - but also for me. Love!

original, and expressive. welldone. thanks for sharing.

Great art. I'm really enjoying the series and all the interactions.

Espectaculares cores!!! Parabéns.

Awesome work..

Fantastic artwork.

Another colorful journey through the mind.

simply great

Great work. Well done.

Very creative.

Exceptional pastel! Love its bright colors!

Oh, this is full of lively expression...

You have started my imagination off again Jennifer with this lovely creation: Here I see a young couple so much in love they marry and commit their lives to each other against the advice of their peers, they have caused shock and anger by some and are getting ill advice from others, the young man shields his love from the abuse that they are getting but this only makes their love stronger for each other.

Wonderful expressions, Jennifer...

Awesome, Jennifer !!

A nice one. I particularly like the fish!

Your pictures really get the imagination working :) fantastic work, Jennifer!

still love this one !!!

Really great, Jennifer !!

unique & amazing Jennifer....very impressive artwork...fantastic image..

the vivid colors...the many faces...and those eyes...the amused fish...what a great image...congrats

Very powerful work...

Jennifer, this is amazing!

Very intriguing artwork; really like the interactions; they are very expressive with the central characters apparently the centre of censorial attention!

Fantastic image, Jennifer!

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pastel 33
water soluble pastels on cardboard framed on wood
24" X 18"