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Fun House Gallery
Russell Industrial Center
1600 Clay Street
Detroit, Michigan 48211
20 August-1 October 2011

55 M St.
Washington, DC, S.E.
29 may-5 July, 2009

comments made:

great image!

I like this one, Jennifer

great colors on this one and great composition. That's a nice technique you use with getting the vibrant colors from the pastel sticks...I never thought of that. The screw right through the wrist in the upper left causes a subliminal wince for me and I'm not sure if that was intentional on your part.


I rather like it too, Jennifer!

this is the most beautiful piece I have seen so far this year. Of all your work I think this is my very favorite. Really this piece just sings to me. I was immediately taken by this. The color is gorgeous and the whole layout is lovely. This is eye candy for sure Jennifer.

I don't think this one is cutesy either. I like the brighter colors but I don't automatically equate that with cute, or the lack of blood as cute. There are lots of things in the picture to think about that transcend cuteness.

the pressures of mind, pressures of heart

Crossed legs make me think to India.

Beautiful Jennifer!!

great work!

I think it's awesome - quite wonderful - . Fantastic! Love it - and your style. SMILE!!!

Amazing colors, Jennifer! Good morning!

Experimentar trae muchas sorpresas como en este caso es una obra que el color lo envuelve todo, para mí es como la primavera...vida y color
Besos mi querida Jennifer

you owe such a great work

Beautiful art!

beautiful work, as always

Great work!!

I like the colours on this one very much, but they're all great.

beautiful artwork!

Still a fav...very beautiful artwork Jennifer.

Love the colors….extremely eye catching!

Amazing ;)

Love the colour choices here.

Excellent Jennifer

Beautiful !!!

lovely colours here

Very nice. Put it on my living would it be perfect :)


Another nice colorful picture Jennifer.

Simply wonderful.. this is definitely you! Adore this composition, love these hands, here is one green and one pink! :) wonderful ! and these fishes.. I don´t know why but I simply love fishes as a theme! Really superb piece Jennifer!

So colorful, fabulous pastel work!


Another amazing piece. (Hugs)

Wonderful artistical painting!! Love the colors! :)

love it :)

Wonderful, as usual



Exciting art!

Beautiful and so colourful...!! Excellent!!

Wonderful piece Jennifer. It was the same for me. Years of black and white, dark pictures, which I still do, and then pastels. Wow colour at its best. Look forward to seeing more of your work.

Beautiful piece!!

Wonderful zany blend of shape, colour and just a little "magic"

nice work!

Great colours, love your work.

Hello again, I enjoy revisiting your images, Jennifer. I'm still full of admiration for your vision

Excellent work , well done

I found this really lovely Jennifer, to me it was how I thought that people saw me, some shocked some amazed and surprised and the close friends willing to lend a hand. I look forward to seeing more of your work.

Awesome colours and details, a well executed and creative piece of work!!

It is beautifully colored, but it also has the edge to it that makes your art so interesting. Well done.

Very cool colours!

Beautifully done Jennifer with marvelous colours too!

love it !!!

Colorful and expressive. Hope you have a nice weekend:-)

very creative ! great work, have a great day

The central head on the bottom looks African to me

Belle oeuvre colorée. Bonne semaine,Jennifer

enjoyed this work for the colours and the effect resulting from your use of the pastels is genial! And I love very much the scene: the woman sitting on the head of the man that looks a little surprised is fantastic !!!

down to the purple matte, I love this...especially the three distinct columns of infinite variety

Not doing it the "usual" way or the way techniques are "normally" handled is what makes you such a creative artist! The colors are fantastic and you have such a wonderful way to express things.

Wonderful painting!!

Beautiful pastel. Great color and composition


I am particularly enchanted by the totemic appearance

Stunning painting! Love the bright, vibrant colors!

Brilliant and very rich pastel colours Jennifer! Such a beautiful and creative painting too! And yes, North American indigenous people use the serpent and the salmon in many of their artwork and carvings! Such a wonderful presentation too!

Love this one very much, Jennifer !

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