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in west africa the birth of twins is a rare and much revered occurrence. when twins are born the mother (and families) visit the fetishman and offerings are given to the "twin fetish". these are feathers, blood, animal sacrifice, etc. in many of the small villages neal and i visited there were a plethora of "twin fetishes". when a twin dies (the mortality rate is extremely high for all babies in west africa) the mother wears a "doll" wrapped in the front of her clothes. when the mother feeds the still alive twin she also feed the "doll" that "represents" the dead twin. she does everything with the "doll" that she does for the still alive twin. neal and i had seen a lot of women with dolls in the front of their clothes and were not sure why they were wearing "dolls". once the "twin fetish" was explained to us it made sense.

water soluble pastels on cardboard framed on wood

24" x 18"

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This is a wonderful piece.

Gorgeous and the information was very interesting as well!

There's something Gauguinish about your work that I like..Reminds of his Noa Noa years.

Wow, what can I say, except original, groooooooooooovy, love it! Amazing how everything somehow connects, had I not read your commentary I would have sworn the work to be Polynesian.

Que interesante la explicación de los gemelos en esa zona de África, gracias. Bello el reflejo de los gemelos, saludos.

This is a wonderful piece.

.I did not know this story of twins ... rare events are celebrated well .....i wish you a great new year!

really enjoy this one. thanks.

Very Cool! I'm the sister of Twins, and even in our relatively young american culture there's lingering residual mystique involved in the whole twin phenomenon!!
Nice Piece. Very interesting cultural narrative!!

joli boulot bravo !!!

This is really amazing. I love the culture lesson too.

so cool so original

Really wonderful. Excellent colors! Thanks for the information, Jennifer.

I really like this image! The composition, the colors, all... congratulations!

very nice work...

FantaStic style!!!

One of my very favorites!!

Lovely artistic representation!

Great work ... love it, Jennifer !!

wonderful work!!!!!

Fantastic art and interesting information !!!!

HellOOo, Jennifer!!! HuGs!

Very cool...

This one is so full of joyful colours and warm atmosphere for me!! Love it! Congratulations!


very impressive work........my friend wonderful colours

Beautiful art work Jennifer :-D

This is beautiful work

Very nice work!!

Delicada e fascinante. Bravo.

Que interesante la explicación de los gemelos en esa zona de África, gracias. Bello el reflejo de los gemelos, saludos.

Wonderful image, Jennifer, and a very interesting description.

Nice work!!!

A fantastic painting and such a pleasure to visit your website!!!

It's a greAt pleasure to be here!!!


Still love this one! Good to see it again!

love those eyes.

The two scared Gaugin women huddle as overloookers (who may be their future selves?) reinforce their symbolic surroundings. 'Let's go to church,' one suggests to the other. 'But why?' Her twin replies. 'We're not religious!' 'Ah,' sighs her sister, 'but all the same, in a church we could meet our "altar" egos...'
Jennifer, the ongoing emotional integrity of your work consistently moves me. You go from strength to strength! I hope you can ignore the inappropriate gibberish above that was my first, gut reaction and know I respect you and your work. Thank you. Take care. Julian.

A tribute to women of the world and their natural wisdom

Great work! Happy New Year!

Impressive Art Work !

my friend Jennifer congratulations. Regards Alberto


This is beautiful work

Muy buena.

Very nice work!!

love it !!!

Very very interesting explanation, I learned a lot about twins in africa today

Very beautiful.

An interesting description, and a first rate piece of art. Very well done.

I can understand that custom, actually, Jennifer. And it will help also with any grieving or explanation in the future

colors and (non) symmetry...love em both

Terrific work Jennifer, I found your info really interesting and the idea of a twin doll I thought was beautiful. I think most who have lost loved ones have some little item of theirs so we just feel that little bit closer to them.

How interesting Jennifer

Really, really wonderful art, Jennifer ! Love it !!


Great image Jennifer

A lovely pastel painting, Jennifer, with very rich colours! Beautiful composition and such a wonderful presentation too! Fabulous information behind this creative artwork too!

Great harmony of colors with using also black ! Have a happy , beautiful weekend, dear Jennifer ! :-)

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