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pastels on cardboard framed on wood

24" x 19"

comments made:

a fierce one, jennifer. awesome.

This is a great piece! I love the bold use of color!

so, celebration has gone up in flames... you seem to be asking "what's the point of being born?"

unusual and creative work

Hi Jennifer, ONE of the many things I love about these pastels is how they SEEM to be so open-ended. You may have had a narrative in mind when doing them but there an infinite number of other "stories" which could be applied to them.


I am loving these pastels!!! Groovy stuff!!!!

well done, I love your kind of work of art

The contrast is terrific and very deep. kisses from Rome

Mind-blowing! Excellent work Jennifer

Hello Jennifer, love your pictures they are soooo... fantastic!! Munich is also cold and snowy, but not so cold like in december. We will meet at the cafe and have a lot of joy!!I Hope you have a nice and creativ day!! BIG HUGS from Munich!! Aenes

good evening Jennifer. Good luck for your new painting!! I am longing also for spring!

Helloooo... good morning Jennifer, arm in arm walking is fantastic, I love to walk every day.
You mix your own colors, you know about "Kremer pigments"? I love his shop in Munich,
it is also available in NY. I had visited his factory in Aichstetten, phenomenal. A wonderful weekend to you, " carpe diem" and ciao, ciaoooo my dear friend!! Aenes

Drammatica rappresentazione, complimenti per lo scatto!

wonderful, Jennifer!

I love the bright colors.

simply amazing and astounding!

Arggghhh...baby tossing...this one holds much to tell with a good imagination...strong colors create angst, Jennifer...

Definitely fierce, grrr! :-)

My goodness, Jennifer, Very impressive!

there is so much energy and emotion in this jennifer. well done.

fantastic pastel !!!

Great work, Jennifer !!

Brilliant work

Excellent :)

Amazing !!!

Illustrations from an unknown history? Anyway, your work stimulates my imagination.

Muy impactante mi querida amiga. Besos

:D this is me pre- calming down from my son's tantrum! hehehe! and the hubby running after us. how did you know! :) good morning dear!

hello jennifer >;) excellent artwork, as always. love that acid green

wonderful work

Cool work!

Intensamente soberba!!! Parabéns.

Fantastic one Jennifer..

incredible! i always look forward to seeing your work.

Poor baby. lol

Hi friend,wish you a great day-always a pleasure to come across your delicious and outstanding art! Blessings:-)

intriguing picture beautiful painting!

Fantastic pastel!

I suspect my mother wanted to give me a toss occasionally:) Great color, powerful piece of work.

Catching or tossing......?? both I assume...well, we have all felt like that. But we multi-task, and cuddle and kiss.....and baby calms down....Another expressive image. You translate feelings into creative art, my friend.

Love this Jennifer. Good work.

superb color and composition in this work of art ... well done !!!

Another wonderful work of art

sempre pieni di suggestione i tuoi lavori artistici !

this made me laugh out loud...I adore the smile on airbourne

LOL Made me laugh. Great artistic work Well done Jennifer. Regards Tess.

Well, this grabs the attention, Jennifer. Horror, amusement, it has it all...

More colorful and talented work!

Very colourful and creative pastel artwork, Jennifer! A fabulous presentation, marvelous colour composition, wonderful detailed activity too! Best regards, Kate

I see a mother that is playing with her baby and other women without children and a little jealous...well, not important, the important thing is that the painting is moving something in my heart, many thanks for sharing Jennifer. Have a lovely new week !

Great work!!

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