portfolio > pastels

pastels on cardboard framed on wood

24" x 19"

on exhibition at:

55 M St.
Washington, DC, S.E.
29 may-5 July, 2009

comments made:

Your work is exceptional!

Interesting contrast between the colourful images and the dark content of this picture.

Cool piece! Great colors and composition.

love the arms

Cool piece! Great colors and composition. Like the story. I relate to it very much! Save the baby!!!

Vampire charity starts at home... no bad blood there.


Congratulations with the new medium. Lovely!!! You must be learning so much about yourself to be playing with Consciousness in this way. :)

Excelente trabalho...

Wow! These are crazy! Love them.

Muchos saludos!!

fabulous! ;-)

I like your snakes - what does that say about me? I like snakes.

very intriguing artwork. Excellent colors and composition. very impressive faces

Fantastic Jennifer.have a good week end my dear. antonella

Great stuff!

this one has a sort of Shiva feel to it Jenifer. Wonderful and powerful

I Really like this work with the Pastels...I am starting to work with Acrylics, I found I don't like the water color using pencils....! Great work on this!

Bastante criatividade e arte. Parabéns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another amazing piece.

Hello Jennifer. Fascinating piece it is.


Excellent work once again:)

Fighting the demons.....

Superb work Jennifer.

WOW!..Amazing work! Lovely painting! Love it!


Another fine piece!

While looking at your wonderful work I thought "there's always a snake in unconscious paradise". When I read about the snake in connection with being thrown out of paradise because of doing what it suggests...I wonder if paradise means a state of unconsciousness and that we had to leave this state to get conscious. Maybe our path starts from an unconscious garden of Eden to finally lead to a conscious garden of Eden. I don't know but it's an interesting subject for me :)

Awesome work Jennifer!!

Awesome work, my friend

It's got that "Adam & Eve" in the garden feel...great art

wonderful effect with intense colors - also in your pastels , dear Jennifer ! I'm impressed ! Have a great weekend, my creative friend ! :-)

Lovely rich colours and composition on this pastel painting, Jennifer! Heehee, and yes, the people do have a cheerful grin, even with the two snakes moving throughout! Very artistic and beautifully presented too!

Admirable Jennifer *********

Outstanding pastel! Love the choice of colors and cheerful theme!

Wonderful colors and creation, Jennifer !

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