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water soluble pastels on cardboard famed on wood.

24" x 19"


Fun House Gallery
Russell Industrial Center
1600 Clay Street
Detroit, Michigan 48211
20 August-1 October 2011

comments made:

oh, wow, this one is just great.

I have a good dentist for her teeth..lol...I love the look of surprise in their eyes...

Belíssima execução em pastel!!! Parabéns.

Great work! Bravo!

Nice Work ! Great Series

Splendid !! Greetings from the Netherlands ;)Frans

Excellent image !!! With best wishes from Taiwan

Amazing ! I love it , I love it !!!

Crazy but beautiful.

Beautifully done, have a good day...

Amazing piece.. simply brilliant

Hug is helpless to cover Horror of seen!!
or it is not the hug, than keeping the eyes violent open to see and feel everything?!?!

Great work Jennifer!

Excelente trabajo!!!

This is great work , Jennifer !

Very creative artwOrk!!! Love it!

jennifer - you always make me smile this is plumb crazy. love it

beautiful symbolism!!!!

Very creative!

tragicomedy has many faces.

J'aime l'intégration du personnage rose dans le visage orangé. That one is strong! Puissant!

All your pictures are very, very great, are art !

Great work!

beautiful symbolism!!!!

Wonderful work, i really like it!!

i love this. excellent work. always a pleasure to see your work

Great!... just had one of those days recently!

The eyes have it!

stg like fairytale:) this series with pastel

This is great work , Jennifer !

I like this piece quite a bit.

Bonito trabajo, saludos

Wish you full success and on July 4th, the exhibition will have to close as all pastels are sold :-)! Hugs from France


i am not surprised that you are selling your art so quickly. its beautiful. and i rather like it too ! :-)

great work !!!

Love it

My compliments on your great work

Very Nice my friend Jennifer congratulations.-Regards Alberto

The Nose/woman reminds me of the myth of Yggdrasil, that great tree supporting the world. She is that tree, supportive..Yes - a strong woman indeed....womankind everywhere!

Good piece Jennifer. Love your sense of colour,

Hi Jennifer - great to see your Artwork is exhibited so widely. I am certain it has been received with great interest and respect.....:))

A very emotional piece of work Jennifer, I see someone who is being protected by their loved one from seeing something that will cause great hurt and their sibling looking on in shock of what this could do to them.

Those eyes, Jennifer......we always seek to shield and protect, but we cannot always do that...

Some fear, some sadness and a lot of color. And I love those big, blood shot eyes!

your work is extraordinary! brilliant. hugs to you dear jennifer xxoo

Yes emotional, Jennifer!!

great work jennifer

Du grand art!

wonderful art Jennifer

Fabtastical artwork Jennifer...

Sadness and tears and comfort...Expressively done. Great to view once more

they are partners for life...love what you did here with the hands and arms...leaning on the eyes

Me again, so expressive a scene, Jennifer. You capture nuances so well and seemingly so effortlessly

Incredible work, Jennifer !!!

sometimes, one can be invisible by standing in front of a person at a specific angle...the pink lady has succeeded

Fantastic painting Jennifer!


Lovely artwork Jennifer, and yes I can see the expressions of worry and maybe fear, and many times, emotions can be seen in the eyes! Beautiful rich colours and a very artistic presentation too!

genial, your creativity is unique !

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Love your pastels, this is superlative!

oh, wow, this one is just great, too.

Very creative!

Me encanta Jeenifer, esa cara con el desnudo formando parte de ella y el gesto de la otra.....Genial mi amiga maravillosamente creativa

Great work!

Wonderful work, i really like it!!

i love this
excellent work
always a pleasure to see your work

Bonito trabajo, saludos

great work jennfer!

Belíssima execução em pastel!!! Parabéns.

Awesome art my friend! i adore that green shade too.Happy blessed day to you:-)!

wonderful art Jennifer