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water soluble pastels on cardboard framed on wood.

24" x 19"

on exhibition at:

55 M St.
Washington, DC, S.E.
29 may-5 July, 2009

comments made:

Great work, Jennifer! Love the different shades of blue and gray on this one.

very nice...very "Blue Period" feel to it, yet unique to your beautiful style.

jennifer, this is breathtaking. I am loving your "blue" pastels. this and number 3. they are all fantastic

I like the shape of their bodies, beautiful work!

I love the humor ,sense of comraderie and maybe a little Bacchanalia...ah Dionysus!

very nice. i like this one very much

Wow. A great piece of work. Women dancing. very nice.

good design!

This piece reminds me of a statue titled The Dance of Eternal Spring which had 3 muses in it and was originally commissioned by Milton Hershey. I think the statue is in Philly now.

Hi again, Well i am enjoying your artwork, and this piece made me smiley and warm as it made me think of a great week at a beach with old friends and new friends. We spoke all the time about naked dancing and swimming, it didn't happen we were all too reserved in the end, but the idea of it made us all laugh. I think we may have looked like your piece if we had done it though. Still browsing, so i'll note a bit more later. Dee
it was Thailand. A group of us rented a beautiful Thai house, all open air, on West railay beach in Krabi. If you haven't beeb there, do sometime when you next come to Asia. It is the typical beach scene you imagin. Even though it is on the tourist track, it doesn't get too busy as it is only accessible via a long-tailed boat. So at the end of the day off go the day trippers.i'm enoying touring your art, but not done it all as I was having overload. set me off to go and collage some of my travel photos too. D PS my flat-mate loves your art!

this piece reminds me of the 1970's (part of the good-ol'-days) in my houseboat community. A crazy, cheerful time!I love it!

I love the use of the human figures in your artworks

Very nice !!!

ah those Christmas office parties ! :)

dancing to the music of time.

Fascinating world you have created in your paintings!!

love it!

Fantastic, as always a pleasure !!!!

very intriguing work!!

I Love That.~~.~~.~*~.

What a lOvely sWing in this greAt artwOrk!!!

this is beautiful!!!! excellent colors and very creative.... as usual.

Yes, this is a cheerful one, Jennifer. I like it...looks like fun. :~)

StunninG wOrk, Jennifer!!! CongrAts!

I like very much this pastel and I can remember my classical studies and how I love the poem muse....thank you my dear. anto

Their expressions are priceless!

fantastic work! :-)

Very cool painting.


Jennifer-I like this change of heart towards the pastels...It creates a different mood...taking me to the "happy" place...I can see why three have sold so quickly...Well done in your choice of colors...still has vibrancy with your blues...Susan



My dear Jennifer!! Enjoy Sunday!! Hug!!

Uma arte feita de poesia e delicadeza

Have a great Sunday Jennifer :-D

i love the playfulness here!

Lovely composition and artwork!!!

It's very beautiful!

1st time I come across this gorgeous work of yours - I love the playful shapes and colors!

Really nice work, i liked it very much!

Bello scatto!

Hi dear! wonderful painting!!!

wonderful art

Love the clarity and the vibrant colours

This piece really has grace.. especially observed from a little distance.. wonderful turn from your usual bloody style, I have to say I love them both. And congrats for your successful sale Jennifer!

Splendid !! Greetings from the Netherlands ;)Frans

Excellent image !!! With best wishes from Taiwan

what a dynamic piece!!!

Best Regards Jimmy :)

This is a very nice piece!

congrats. good luck

is a good Artwork!

now this ìs lovely!

Good work Jennifer.

Full of flair, imagination & emotion. Wonderful work

Wonderful creation!

superb !!!

nice work!

Wonderful work ... love it !!!!!!!!!

Art on cardboard, amazing and very well done.

Happy Friday to you Jennifer. Great work!

Such amazing vibrancy.



Excellent work! Caught my eye right away, such a striking image.


Wonderful work Jennifer and one full of encouragement for those entering new groups where they are nervous about, I think.

a -musing

This quartet is beautifully and equally sharing sadness and joy.

Interesting interpretation of mythos in your pastel painting !

Great! :)

A fabulous work of art

Très belle réalisation !

Stunning pastel! Love the colors! Happy Sunday too!

fabulous artwork Jennifer

your sense of humor is showing...my kinda square dance...splendid work


Come Dance with me......let us dance the day away....


Great pastel :)

loving the flow of this...great work

opera meravigliosa .

very beautiful dance giving an harmonious dynamism, love the colours combo too ! have a superb weekend, Jennifer !

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