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funerals are very important in west africa. families can go "broke" paying for a funeral. in togo people don't "die", they "travel". it is said this way so the family/friends are not too sad. the funeral is held a year after the person "travels" because it is believed that people are not sad anymore. in ghana funerals are held everywhere, even in the streets. funerals last 4 days with music, singing, dancing, feasting. there is also a day of financial reconciliation. in burkina faso coffins are often made in the shape of the person's occupation (i.e a boat for a fisherman).
the people of west africa are muslims, christians and animists. the "snake" in this art piece represent the "animist" belief. even if muslims or christians continue to adhere to their animist beliefs also there is no conflict in dual belief system.


This is really good!

It's interesting how the red "smudge streak" in the top left corner adds the needed balance to the piece. If you cover that up with your finger the painting seems "unfinished" somehow. I think the red streak balances the red around the figure's eye in the lower right. Anyhow, well done. :)

Interesting art

Love it!

Amazing work

Bien expresado

MarvellOus artwOrk!!!


What an intriguing image


Splendid artwork :-D

Excellent picture!!!!!

Very strong work, I like it. Have a great weekend

Super work Jennifer

A sad one, Jennifer... I guess I am used to your pastels or vivid colors! Have a great weekend! You must paint all the time!

love it jennifer!!!!!!

Fantastic looking image

Powerful work.


Gorgeous work of art!

This is another marvellous image, Jennifer. It is easy to see how impressed you were in Africa...

oh, my...I really like your various treatments of eyes and their stare

Very, very good !!!!!!!!!

Beautiful work!

A powerful image you created here. Well done.

Gorgeous work of art!

Hi again; this is one of my favourites

Wonderful work Jennifer. Love the composition very much. It's a fav for me.

A striking piece of work Jennifer, excellent.

excellent !!!

an impressive artwork ! have a lovely new week !

Perfect composition and rich tones, Jennifer. Sombre in one sense but it has a suggestion of hope too.

Nice, indeed ... great work, Jennifer !!

an excellent work of art !!!

superb conceptual, Jennifer !!!


You are so well-travelled, Jennifer. And you make use visually and emotionally of what you see and feel...

Nicely executed work, including the mounting and presentation.

Muito boa execução!! Hugs.

simply great! Lovely artwork in pastel, Jennifer, and fabulous composition based on your African experience!

Another striking and beautifully composed work of art!

the cardboard is perfect texture for this work...great

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