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burma revisited 2-cave of 10,000 buddhas

19" X 23 1/2"

we recently returned from a two month trip to asia. we visited china, tibet, nepal, bhutan, india, burma and japan.
just us two (not a "tour"), our backpacks and sense of adventure.
we have been in burma before, but this time we spent more time in this beautiful country.

we had an amazing time on our trip.

jennifer beinhacker
art outside the edge


there are several caves in burma that house thousands of buddha statues. some are very very old and some are newer.
they fill the extensively large multi-level caves from top to bottom....standing on the cave floors and high up in small niches.
it is a golden, awesome, spiritual, peaceful and awe-inspiring experience to behold.


Awesome creation…well done Jennifer.

This is fantastic Jennifer

thank you for sharing this humbling experience Jennifer. your collage does credit to your description

fantastic composition!

Very creative!

Brilliant work Jennifer!


Great one !

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burma revisited 2-cave of 10,000 buddhas
mixed media collage on wood-collage photographs of caves taken by me, acrylic paint, nails, string