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burma revisited

we recently returned from a two month trip to asia. we visited china, tibet, nepal, bhutan, india, burma and japan.
just us two (not a "tour"), our backpacks and sense of adventure.
we have been in burma before, but this time we spent more time in this beautiful country.

we had an amazing time on our trip.

assemblage in wood box: acrylic paint, crackle paint, collaged paper, porcelain statues of buddha glass bottles, coins, bone, glass globule, ribbon, stones, glass bottle with snake inside, shells, yarn, match box art, marble


" i saw her standing in the road holding her dead child. her village traditional make-up made her shimmer in the sun. i had never seen anything as beautiful as burma gleaming like gold".

jennifer beinhacker
art outside the edge


It is wonderful...

So much to take in here Jennifer... amazing art piece... good that you are back safe and sound...!

Ingeniosa y brillante.

I found your work again, and it is better than ever.

This is magnificent

great metaphorical work

You find the most amazing things to use in your stunning art!

Interesting and stunning artwork, Jennifer!

great artwork!

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burma revisited
mixed media in wood box
24" X 20" X 5"