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mixed media on wood: acrylic paint, watercolor paint, xeroxed paper, teeth, jaw bone, stones, shells, glass bottle, plastic bottle, button, watch face, dried wood, skull, face stamp, alligator foot, plastic fly, doll arms

26 1/2" X 11" X 2 1/2"

jennifer beinhacker
art outside the edge


1. a book published usually under the jurisdiction of the government and containing a list of drugs, their formulas, methods for making medicinal preparations, requirements and tests for their strength and purity, and other related information.
2. a stock of drugs.



Very imaginative and creative, well done!

Quelle pharmacopée

This looks wonderful! Nicely done!

One of your best artworks! ***************

Superbe création très belle **************

Another original and imaginative collage Jennifer. I rather like this one, my congratulations on a fine piece of work.

A great collage

Wonderful collage. Very artistic and creative as usual Well done Jennifer Regards Tess

great creation, jennifer !!!

Another work of yours to which my reaction was "Whoa!", Jennifer. Complex without being complicated, lots of visual interest, and lots of things to think about.

Some of the items in the cupboard like Chloroform lozenges sound a little drastic but I like the image Jennifer, have a great new week.

Lovely multiple framing on this beautiful and creative collage of the pharmacy industry back then, Jennifer! Heehee, maybe back then there was a bit of "quackery" too, before science could disprove some of the medicines, lol! Fabulous colours and wonderfully presented!

Muy buena.

Beautiful job

Ton travail est superbe comme toujours Jennifer

Phenomenal masterpiece!

A fine collection. Inspiring.

Everything works so well together, including the shells. Nice job!

excellent travail Jennifer !

Wow! Fantastic composition Jennifer

still great ... superb, in fact. love it !!!

Wonderful artistic collage here. Well done Jennifer Regards Tess

Super travail jennifer. j'aime beaucoup !


Very creative.....well done Jennifer.

Awesome work!


well done

Wow!!!!!!!! fantastic my friend!

Wonderful work! Have a good weekend, jennifer :))

liquid courage, LOL....I like your book! so much to discover.

This is Absolutely GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...quite esoteric !!! Love it !!!!!!!

Outstanding and creative work! exceptionally well done and very nicely presented, lovely colours and fine details! have a great Sunday my friend!

Escelente imagen, gran composición con estupendos resultados en collage.

This is something different, something very special.

Stunning creation, dear Jennifer !!!

Fabulous image, Jennifer! Wow!

Excelente composição!!

Very good indeed...

Original !!!

GREAT JOB, Jennifer !


Always so amazing, Jennifer!

Awesome creation!

Fantastic work !!

Extraordinaire création . congratulations jennifer !

Beautiful work Jennifer. Very well done!

Superbe réalisation et une "mise en page" excellente !***

Brilliant art work as usual Jennifer. A joy to see. Well done Regards Tess

Tolle Darbietung.

Great creation!

I like it ******

Beautifully done, Jennifer, especially your effective use of the bottles and other objects!

So very excellent my friend!

Amazing and magical work, Jennifer...!

Fabulous image, Jennifer! Always great viewing in detail!

Wonderful work.

Brilliantly devised and executed!

spectacular creation!

Excellent Work !!! Compliment !!!!

GREAT Artwork, dear Jennifer!!!! Have a nice day...

This looks really cool

Fantastic image - brilliant artwork!!

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