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Artomatic 2007
Arlington, VA
13 April – 20 May 2007

Alexandria City Hall
11 September – 9 October 2006



I think its an interesting assemblage and it stirs up emotions that are particular to me and my life...


J'aime toujours cette oeuvre mais j'attends ta prochaine création d'influence française, avec une guillotine, son bourreau et plein de têtes coupées qui roulent par terre "in a red river of french

yes, very intense and emotionally stirring... the hanging image can push a lot of buttons..and i think this is what you are trying to do..yes? well done! i think that there is a need for button pushing in the world.. if it causes a person to wake up and think outside the box

Ah...You blown me away again!

L'utilisation de négatif est rare! super!
(je suis négativiste, par l'utilisation de principes négatifs en arts plastiques!)

very creative!!!

Absence of Love kill our inner "childhood".
But also childhood could be killed by itself, helpless to survive Life.
Parts of it like Memories....
Alive Memories of death "childhood"
Many levels are here...
And Strong Emotions.

brilliant art !

Truly genius work, Jennifer!! This is truly intriguing! Love it!

Fantastic work Jennifer:-D


Incredible composition..

Grande impressionismo!!! Parabéns.

Great work here! I like it!

Very creatively done!

Excellent work

Terrific work of art!

Provocative and well done, as always.

Talented job. Very deep spiritual sense

Excellent work Jennifer, sometimes we need to be turned on our heads to see the full picture.

Amazing work Jennifer

remarkable work...2nd thought, better them than us...3rd thought, it may very well be them and us, etc.

Great work

More of your amazing work:)

If given the choice, neither one of these positions look comfortable...great work

very strong work!

I love the spectator...great work

Fabulous mixed media artwork Jennifer, I love the contrasting colours and the creative composition! Very nicely put together and presented! Marvelous use of lines too!

Awesome creativity!

helena series 4: the absence of ...
helena series 4: the absence of ...
mixed media: wood pallet: acrylic paint, found objects, dolls, beads, safety pins, bones, straight pins, collaged paper
32" H x 27" L x 6" D