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Smith Farms Gallery
1632 U Street NW
Washington DC
2 Nov – 28 Dec 2007

Artomatic 2007
Arlington, VA
13 April – 20 May 2007


this is awesome!! I love it!




this is a lot of fun with the added bonus of creepiness.

so much fun!

each n every object is special !!..tagether Fan freqin tas tic !! great collection n Art !!
very well done !!

Cool artwork!

Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I love art in great detail and with much certainty I loved your style!

Hi Jennifer, How are you? That picere immense see your works of art, pure poetry for his own eyes, your art is a true poem for his soul! Each your new artwork is rediscovering! Congratulations for this your Totem, nice as describe material that uses!
A big hug my dear friend

this is great...i love the stories it can tell

Very inspiring.

So creative !!!

This one is Lively and Exceptional Jennifer! the verticality is something new eh? it sure works for my Eyes & Brain!!!

great piece, saludos

Fantastic Creation !!!

Extremely exciting assemblage...very fascinating and exciting..Congrats Jennifer:}

Beautiful work!!! Love it Jennifer!!!!

Es un trabajo imponente, saludos y buen fin de semana

Wonderfully detailed piece, Jennifer!

WOW ... this is a wonderful creation, Jennifer !!

superb work!!

love the jawbone...great imagery

Very creative idea and well executed. Well done Jennifer Regards Tess.

very nice

Amazing work, Jennifer!

jenniferbeinhacker.com  assemblage  shrines totems “day of the dead” “dia de los muertos” Mexico beads stones jewels assemblage “self taught” “acrylic painting “”acrylic paint” “folk art” “mixed media” “water color paint” collage “box art” “art in a box”
totem 7
mixed media: wood post/wood base: found objects, dolls, animal jaw, buttons, yarn, bones, stones, safety pins, beads, sequins, collaged small match boxes, shells, jewels, nails, cloth flowers
12" x 32" x 3"